MANILA, Philippines - What happen to our banks today? After the issues on the two largest banks in the Philippines, BPI and BDO. And now! the Security Bank releases their official statement regarding to their delayed banking transactions.

According to Security Bank official Facebook page, they have encountered some delay in posting of their banking transactions on the bank' systems. And the bank clearly said that it has no impact to the financial integrity of their customers’ bank accounts.

Security Bank: Customer Advisory

Yesterday, we encountered a delay in posting banking transactions on our systems. We continue to perform system maintenance activities to address this and expect our systems to be fully updated by close of business today.

The delay in posting banking transactions does not and will not impact the financial integrity of our customers’ accounts. While some services were affected, the delay did not prevent our customers from accessing their funds.

Security Bank wishes to apologize for the inconvenience this delay may have caused our valued customers.

Suffice it to say, all bank branches and customer service representatives are ready to attend to and accommodate any and all transactions as necessary.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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