whAt iS thiS powz? soM3thing zTRanGe g01n6 0wn ♥ xD ♥ hir P0WZ. ! tHink u W0nD3r wHat LaNgu@g3z eY tyPe H!r buT in FaCt thIS iZ An engl1sh LaNGuua6es ♥♥♥♥♥. u CuaN und3Rst@ND th!Z !f U\'Re oWN3 owf the pHENOm3non J3jemon~~~.


The meaning of the above paragraph is translated into the readable paragraph below.

What is this? Something strange going on here. I think you wonder what languages I type here but in fact this is an English languages. You can understand this if you're one of the Phenomenon Jejemon

I just translate that paragraph to the jejemon translator I found in the search engine. This http://jejemon.x10 hosting is one of the Jejemon site in the net that help others to translate their normal word into jejemon word.

Is this helpful tools for you or is this just another useless tools for those who always want to be in?

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