You read it right! Jejemon is in the first from being word of the year 2010. Actually there are four new word for this year. First is Jejemon, second is ondoy and third are tarpo and korkor. I know you already knew what is jejemon but how about the other three word winner as the Word of the Year?

Maybe you're asking me why is that the word Jejemon become the first place? well in my answer is because the dean of UP Diliman’s College of Mass Communications, Rolando B. Tolentino, nominated and defended the word jejemon. He said that jejemon is part of the evolution of the language of the jologs, or people belonging to the lower economic class that the elite and social climbers would call baduy.

He also added that Jejemon is definitely part of our popular culture, and when we look closely at its specific manifestations, it is telling us something ugly about us. Due to our short basic education program and the diploma mill mentality of many schools, having a college diploma does not automatically make a Pinoy graduate functionally literate. 

This explains the baseless comments about the jejemon phenomenon from self-styled techies who cannot fathom the concepts of hyperbole and tongue-in-cheek in a piece of writing, much more the theory of the "multiplicity of meanings."

And so because jejemon win, Jejemon will enter the third edition of UP Diksiyonaryong Filipino, gliding elegantly into the modern Filipino alphabet with other words beginning with “j" including jaket, jam, jihad, Juan dela Cruz, Juan Tamad, and yes, jologs.

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