Talagang sikat na nga ang mga Jejemon, biruin mo kasama pa ang salitang JEJEMON sa finalist for the WORD of the year. Ang layo na nga ng narating ng mga Jejemon at mukhang masasama pa sa Filipino dictionary. Bukod pa sa Jejemon, kasama din ang mga salitang, Unli, Load, Spam, Solb, Ondoy at Ampatuan.

The words nominated for the award have been used by Filipinos in the past two years.

"Jejemon" are those people who love to type this kind of word " tYpFing LyK diZS jejejeje ", over the net or text messaging.

"Unli" is short for "unlimited" and refers to the unlimited texting promos of cellular phone service providers.

"Load" is understood to refer to cellular phone credits.

"Spam" may refer to spam e-mails and text messages.

"Solb" means "solved" while "emo" means "emotional."

"Ondoy" is now an adjective, referring to typhoon Ondoy which flooded Metro Manila last year. People say, "na-Ondoy kami," to mean their place was flooded.

"Ampatuan" means to massacre, in reference to the Maguindanao massacre last year allegedly perpetrated by the Ampatuan clan.

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