In an unexpected turn of events, the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) sent 894 Bitcoin (BTC) worth $41 million to a Coinbase Prime deposit wallet on January 12. This action, uncovered by blockchain analytics firm Arkham Intelligence, followed the trust's decision to enable approved users to redeem Bitcoin. While others argued that these redemptions caused a drop in Bitcoin's price, the withdrawals look small in comparison to Grayscale's overall holdings.

Grayscale Bitcoin Trust ETF moves $41M in BTC to exchange during price crash — Arkham
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Unraveling the transactions.

On the given day, not only did GBTC channel $41 million to Coinbase, but a further $119 million was routed to wallets with no previous transaction history. The importance of these swings becomes clear when considering the trust's supposed assets, which are presently valued at an astonishing $27 billion according to Arkham's most recent statistics.

Greyscale Bitcoin Trust: A Crypto Titan

The Grayscale Bitcoin Trust has long been regarded one of the world's biggest single holders of Bitcoin. Arkham's first filings on September 6 showed assets worth more over $16 billion. Fast forward to present, and with Bitcoin's spectacular climb in recent months, the trust's assets have increased to an estimated $27 billion.

The Evolution of GBTC Shares

Although GBTC shares have been traded since 2013, the possibility to redeem them for Bitcoin was just introduced on January 11. This redemption provision is a game changer, with the potential to transform the dynamics of GBTC shares, which have previously traded at a significant discount to net asset value.

Market Impact and Theories.

The day after Bitcoin ETF trading began, Arkham's data revealed a significant outflow of 894 BTC to Coinbase, as well as an additional 2,607 BTC spread over three different transactions. This accounted for 0.15% of the Grayscale trust's total holdings remitted to Coinbase, with the remaining 0.44% distributed to other wallets.

Bitcoin Price Plunge

Curiously, on the same day as these outflows, Bitcoin witnessed a sharp drop, falling from roughly $46,000 to slightly around $43,000. This fall crossed a critical support level at $44,740, sparking widespread conjecture on social media sites.

The Redemption Theory

Some Twitter users, like Fomocap and Napatradamus, speculated that the fall may be due to GBTC redemptions. In a tweet, Fomocap stated that individuals were selling a huge $25 billion worth of GBTC, signaling the beginning of the ETF age. Ran Neuner, presenter of CNBC's Crypto Trader, endorsed this notion, claiming that the Bitcoin price drop was linked to the departure of GBTC shares.

Potential market impact.

Ran Neuner's warning that the market may see protracted selling pressure raises worries, given the significant value of GBTC shares that might be in play. If even a small portion of the $25 billion is redeemed, it might result in a huge $5 billion in market revenue.

Grayscale has never publicly released its wallet addresses, making it difficult to unravel the mystery. This raises questions regarding the veracity of Arkham's statistics. If Arkham misidentifies the trust's wallets, the real outflows may be more or lower than indicated.


In the ever-changing world of cryptocurrencies, the interplay between institutional actions and market swings remains interesting. The Grayscale Bitcoin Trust's recent actions, as well as their potential market effect, show the developing digital asset ecosystem. As we negotiate these events, maintaining an awareness of both factual facts and speculative notions is critical for gaining a thorough grasp of the crypto environment.

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