Velocita Motors, headed by CEO Ramon Ang, has launched an ambitious proposal to bring the renowned Ferrari brand back to the Philippines, in a fascinating turn of events for Filipino automotive fans. The development of a vast 3.5-kilometer racing track in the picturesque province of Bulacan is at the center of this initiative. This ambitious initiative not only promises to satisfy the craving for speed, but also to give Ferrari customers with first-rate maintenance services. As the expectation grows, the question on everyone's mind is: can this wait be much longer?

Velocita Motors' Ambitious Ferrari Racing Track Project in Bulacan

Ferrari's Rebirth in the Philippines

Ferrari has a long history in the Philippines, connected with elegance, performance, and a strong racing tradition. However, the lack of an official presence in the nation has left many Filipino Ferrari enthusiasts craving for more throughout the years. The fantasy of witnessing these renowned Italian stallions screaming through the Philippine streets is soon to become a reality, thanks to Velocita Motors.

A First-Rate Racing Experience

The focus of this enormous enterprise is the creation of a cutting-edge racing track tucked among Bulacan's gorgeous settings. With a length of 3.5 kilometers, this track is designed to compete with some of the world's most known circuits. It claims to give an unrivaled racing experience while being designed to fulfill the stringent requirements of Ferrari's demanding clients.

Fans and drivers will be able to push their Ferraris to their utmost, putting not only the capabilities of these supercars but also their own driving talents to the test. The precisely built track layout will feature sweeping turns, exciting straights, and complex corners - all meant to imitate the explosive pleasures of Formula 1 circuits.

Ferrari Ownership Experiment

While the notion of racing on a world-class circuit is undeniably exciting, Velocita Motors recognizes that owning a Ferrari entails more than simply possessing a fast vehicle. It embodies flair, luxury, and performance. As a result, they are devoted to offering thorough maintenance services in order to keep each Ferrari in top shape.

Velocita Motors will have a team of expert specialists ready to respond to the particular demands of these high-performance machines, from normal service to the most sophisticated repairs. This dedication to perfection is what distinguishes Velocita Motors and ensures Ferrari owners have a worry-free experience.

Patience is essential for owning a Ferrari.

The excitement surrounding Ferrari's return to the Philippines has resulted in extraordinary demand. It is important to emphasize, however, that purchasing a Ferrari is more than just a transaction; it is an investment in a dream. With the current rise in demand, the backlog for a brand-new Ferrari might go up to two years. The wait, however, is likely to be nothing short of gratifying for those who grasp the spirit of owning one of these automotive icons.

Nordeco and Davao Light are embroiled in a controversy.

Northern Davao Electric Cooperative Inc. (Nordeco) is entangled in a protracted takeover bid by Davao Light and Power Co. in a separate part of the corporate environment. This tug-of-war has prompted Nordeco to allege that Davao Light is seeking to influence public sentiment in order to violate franchise safeguards.

Electric cooperatives, such as Nordeco, contend that Davao Light has improperly profited from government hydropower allotment, possibly providing them a competitive advantage. This fight highlights the complexities of the Philippines' energy industry, where problems of franchise rights, fair competition, and government assistance collide in a high-stakes war for dominance.


The return of Ferrari and the creation of a world-class racing circuit in Bulacan are set to reshape the country's luxury vehicle scene as the wheels of progress spin in the Philippines' commercial and automotive sectors. Velocita Motors, led by Ramon Ang, is not only resurrecting a brand; they are resurrecting a dream. The wait may be lengthy, but good things come to those who wait, as the adage goes. And for Ferrari fans in the Philippines, the wait will be well worth it.

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