In an age marked by the development of conventional norms and adaptation, the Philippines' Department of Education (DepEd) has approved the new school calendar for the academic year 2023-2024. The notification confirms the start of classes for public elementary and high schools on August 29, a move that demonstrates the department's unshakable commitment to driving educational reforms despite worries about heat fatigue.

Classes for SY 2023-2024 to begin on August 29: DepEd
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A Courageous Step Forward

The August start date demonstrates the department's resolve to meet the difficulties of a fast changing global educational scene. In the face of requests to return to the pre-COVID-19 school schedule, the DepEd has stood steady, underscoring the resilience that has been associated with the Philippine education system.

The Majority's Voices

A study of public opinion indicated that an overwhelming 80 percent of Filipinos support reintroducing the school vacation in April and May. The majority's voice is heard loud and clear, but the department remains firm in its attitude. Despite the significant preference for the former timetable, the DepEd said that a full-scale restoration to the prior system may take three to five years.

Private Schools Can Be More Flexible

As the government implements this reform in public education, private schools are given the freedom to chart their own path. According to the department's guidance, private schools may begin sessions as early as the "first Monday of June but no later than the last day of August." This flexibility enables private universities to tailor their timetables to the specific demands and limits of their academic communities.

While the path to change is frequently difficult, the Department of Education is committed to implementing critical changes for the sake of future generations. The start of the 2023-2024 school year symbolizes the Philippine educational system's persistent will to improve and adapt in a dynamic global context.

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