Netflix is expanding its offerings beyond TV episodes and movies to include video game streaming in a big move that might alter the streaming market. With this bold step, the streaming giant hopes to combine the excitement of gaming with the ease of its streaming platform.

Netflix Ventures Into Video Game Streaming.

The Start of a New Chapter

Netflix said on Monday that it is exploring video game streaming in its early stages. This implies that customers will no longer be limited to binge-watching on Netflix, but will also be able to play video games on their TVs and PCs through the Netflix app and website. Although this is presently a restricted test aimed at "a small number of members" in the United Kingdom and Canada, it demonstrates Netflix's greater ambition in the gaming business.

Gaming Experiment

Users may now broadcast two games: the popular indie game 'Oxenfree' and the interesting 'Molehew's Mining Adventure'. Users will not need any extra gaming gear while playing on a TV. Netflix has released a gaming controller smartphone software, which eliminates the need for hardware such as Xbox controllers. For those playing these games on a PC or Mac, the standard keyboard and mouse setup will work.

Netflix's Journey to Gaming

This is not Netflix's first foray into gaming. Previously, the corporation experimented with games by enabling customers to download titles such as 'Oxenfree' to mobile devices. However, access to these games needed a Netflix membership. They functioned similarly to traditional games, with the main difference being that they required a Netflix account to play.

Nonetheless, the game streaming scene has experienced its ups and downs. Google's grandiose Stadia platform, which debuted in 2019, was forced to close. On the contrary, by adding streaming as an extra service for Game Pass customers, Xbox discovered a more receptive audience.

Aside from Mobile Gaming

Netflix's venture into mobile gaming began in November 2021, with titles available solely on iOS and Android devices. With the latest move, it not only hopes to reach a wider audience for its gaming games, but it also positions itself as a possible rival for gaming time on PCs and TVs.

Netflix's VP of gaming, Mike Verdu, defined the present project as a "limited beta test." A smartphone may be used to control the games. The Netflix app doubles as the controller for Android users, however iOS users must download a separate controller app.

Compatibility and Future Prospects

Amazon Fire TV streaming media players, Chromecast with Google TV, LG TVs, Nvidia Shield TV, Roku devices and TVs, Samsung Smart TVs, and Walmart Onn are presently compatible with Netflix's game streaming program. Apple TV is conspicuously missing, owing to Apple's tight regulations surrounding game streaming services.


While Netflix is now treading carefully in the wide world of game streaming, its presence signals possible industry upheavals. The future looks bright for Netflix customers and gaming aficionados as the company strives to develop its game streaming technology and controller. Only time will tell whether Netflix can carve out a place for itself in this crowded market.

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