David Limp, a key member in Amazon's consumer electronics division, has announced his retirement from the business. Limp's departure as the president of Amazon's consumer products business signals the end of an era that saw the growth of popular Amazon gadgets such as the Kindle, Fire TV, and Echo, as well as the revolutionary Alexa speech assistant.

Amazon's Devices Chief, David Limp, to Depart After Over a Decade.
Image: TechCrunch

Limp's Employment at Amazon

Limp has been a key component of Amazon since joining the company in March 2010. His responsibilities included supervising the development of the company's consumer electronics items, which have subsequently become household brands. He was a regular figure at Amazon hardware events, where he often unveiled new items, sometimes several times a year.

Limp has been crucial in handling issues and restructures within the business, in addition to developing products. Notably, Limp's sector suffered considerable adjustments the previous year as Amazon opted to cut off around 10,000 people. Limp stated in a note to staff that the business was combining several teams and initiatives in its devices and services section after comprehensive evaluations. This meant that certain jobs would be obsolete. Despite these losses, Limp remained committed to Amazon's Alexa unit.

Problems Solved

Amazon's strong push into the smart home industry has not yielded the expected results. According to reports, Limp's consumer devices segment was running at a staggering $5 billion yearly sales loss. This has resulted in extensive layoffs, with Amazon laying off around 27,000 employees.

Furthermore, monetizing the Echo device line has been problematic. The current consumer move away from electronic gadgets, notably following the pandemic-induced increase, has also contributed to Limp's division's challenges.

Limp's Future and Amazon's Future

Limp indicated in a blog post that "it's time" for him to leave the online shop in order to get a fresh viewpoint. He reiterated that, although he is unsure about his immediate future, it will not be in the consumer electronics industry.

While Limp's leaving is notable, he is not the first high-profile departure since Andy Jassy became CEO. Dave Clark, who formerly oversaw Amazon's consumer business and developed a delivery arm to compete with large freight firms, is among those who have left.

Limp will remain in his position for a few more months, and his replacement will be revealed in the coming weeks, according to Amazon. The company's devices and services business remains positive, with Jassy expressing enthusiasm for existing and forthcoming projects.

Finally, David Limp's resignation highlights a moment of upheaval for Amazon's devices group. It will be interesting to observe how the firm navigates the obstacles and possibilities in the consumer electronics industry as it looks to the future.

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