In a recent announcement, Travis VanderZanden, the founder of Bird, has officially stepped down from his position as chairperson of Bird's board. This move marks the completion of VanderZanden's gradual departure from the micromobility company he helped establish. VanderZanden's decision comes after a series of strategic changes within the company, including a decline in Bird's stock price and subsequent delisting warning from the New York Stock Exchange.

Travis VanderZanden, the creator of Bird, formally leaves the nest.

VanderZanden's Impact on Bird's Success

Travis VanderZanden played a pivotal role in leading Bird from its inception as the president and founding CEO. His innovative vision and entrepreneurial spirit were instrumental in shaping the company's early growth and success. Under VanderZanden's guidance, Bird revolutionized the concept of micromobility and introduced electric scooters as an alternative transportation solution.

A Planned Transition of Leadership

Last year, Bird faced challenges with its declining stock price, which ultimately led to a delisting warning from the New York Stock Exchange. As a result, VanderZanden made a strategic decision to step down from his role as president, allowing Bird to undergo a planned transition in leadership. This transition aimed to position the company for long-term sustainability and growth.

Declining Stock Price and Delisting Warning

The decline in Bird's stock price was a significant factor in VanderZanden's decision to step down as president. While the exact reasons behind the decline were not explicitly mentioned, it prompted a reevaluation of the company's direction and necessitated leadership changes to address the challenges Bird was facing.

Stepping Down as President

VanderZanden's decision to step down as president of Bird opened the door for Shane Torchiana, the then-chief operating officer, to assume the role of CEO. VanderZanden's departure from the president's position marked the beginning of a gradual transition within the company's leadership structure.

The Rise of Shane Torchiana

Following VanderZanden's departure, Shane Torchiana took over as both the CEO and president of Bird. Torchiana, who had previously served as the chief operating officer, was well-positioned to lead the company through its next phase of growth and navigate the challenges it faced.

VanderZanden's Decision to Leave the Board

In the recent announcement, Bird confirmed that Travis VanderZanden has decided to step down from his role as chairperson of the board. VanderZanden's departure from the board marks the completion of his gradual departure from the company he co-founded. While the exact reasons for his decision were not explicitly mentioned, it is likely that VanderZanden saw this as an opportunity to pursue new ventures and explore fresh entrepreneurial opportunities.

Pursuing New Ventures

Travis VanderZanden's departure from Bird's board opens up a new chapter in his career. In a statement, he expressed his intention to return to his entrepreneurial roots and incubate new ideas. VanderZanden's entrepreneurial acumen and experience in the micromobility industry make him well-suited to explore new opportunities in the rapidly evolving transportation sector.

VanderZanden's Entrepreneurial Roots

As the founder of Bird, Travis VanderZanden has a strong background in entrepreneurship. His experience in building and scaling successful startups, including his role at Uber, demonstrates his ability to navigate the complexities of the transportation industry. VanderZanden's entrepreneurial roots will likely drive him to explore innovative solutions and contribute to the future of mobility.

Incubating New Ideas

With his departure from Bird, VanderZanden now has the opportunity to focus on incubating new ideas. His extensive knowledge of the micromobility space and understanding of consumer needs make him a valuable asset in identifying and developing groundbreaking concepts. VanderZanden's track record in the industry positions him well to explore disruptive innovations that could shape the future of urban transportation.

VanderZanden's Departure and Future Updates

Travis VanderZanden's departure from Bird's board marks a significant milestone for the company and its leadership. While the exact impact of his departure remains to be seen, the transition allows Bird to adapt to evolving market conditions and leverage the expertise of new leaders like John Bitove, who has assumed the role of chairperson of the board. Bird and VanderZanden's future endeavors will undoubtedly be closely watched by industry observers.


Travis VanderZanden's departure from Bird's board signifies the completion of his gradual exit from the micromobility company he co-founded. His decision to step down as chairperson opens the door for new leadership and sets the stage for Bird's continued growth and evolution. VanderZanden's entrepreneurial spirit and contributions to the micromobility industry have left an indelible mark on Bird and the transportation landscape as a whole. As he embarks on new ventures and incubates fresh ideas, the industry eagerly awaits his next move.

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