In a remarkable feat of user acquisition, Instagram's text-based app, Threads, has achieved a staggering milestone of 100 million sign-ups in just five days since its launch on June 6 (or June 5 in the Americas). This impressive growth rate has surpassed even OpenAI's ChatGPT bot, previously hailed as one of the fastest-growing consumer products. 

Threads: The Text-Based App Taking the Social Media World by Storm.

With over 30 million sign-ups in the first 24 hours alone, Threads has taken the social media landscape by storm. In this article, we will delve into the features, benefits, and challenges of Threads, and explore its potential impact on the industry.

Unprecedented Growth and User Engagement

Threads' exponential growth can be attributed to its compelling value proposition and innovative approach to social networking. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, expressed his excitement as the app garnered an astounding 2 million sign-ups within the first two hours of its release, followed by 5 million sign-ups in just four hours. This momentum continued to surge, with 10 million registered users joining the platform within a mere seven hours. By the following day, the user count skyrocketed to an impressive 30 million, and the app has already amassed 100 million monthly active users within its first month.

The Power of Text-Focused Interaction

Threads distinguishes itself from its competitors by prioritizing text-based communication, catering to users seeking a more intimate and focused social networking experience. While image and video-based platforms have dominated the social media landscape, Threads recognizes the importance of textual interaction in fostering deeper connections. By leveraging the art of written expression, users can engage in meaningful conversations, share thoughts, and connect on a more profound level.

Missing Features and Potential Enhancements

Though Threads has made significant strides in a short span of time, some users have expressed concerns about certain missing features. Notably, the app currently lacks support for ActivityPub, the protocol used for posts on decentralized networks. While Meta has acknowledged this limitation and assured users that they are actively working on its integration, the absence of ActivityPub functionality means that Threads is not yet part of the Fediverse, a network of interconnected social platforms.

Furthermore, users have identified several other areas for improvement, including the absence of a read-only web interface, limited search capabilities for posts, the lack of direct messaging functionality, and the absence of a "Following" feed. These features are essential for many users, and their implementation would further enhance the overall user experience on Threads.

Maintaining User Engagement and Overcoming Challenges

The true test for Threads lies in retaining its rapidly expanding user base and addressing the challenges that come with such exponential growth. While reaching 100 million users in such a short time is undoubtedly a remarkable achievement, sustaining user engagement over the long term requires a strategic approach. Threads must prioritize continual innovation, listen to user feedback, and proactively address the missing features to ensure users remain loyal to the platform.

Additionally, the app's restriction on nudity aligns with Instagram's policies but diverges from the approach taken by another Twitter alternative, Bluesky. As social media evolves, striking a delicate balance between content moderation and user freedom will be crucial in cementing Threads' position in the market.


Threads has emerged as a formidable player in the social media arena, attracting an unprecedented number of users within an incredibly short time frame. Its text-focused approach has resonated with users seeking a more intimate and engaging social networking experience. While certain missing features present opportunities for improvement, the app's early success demonstrates its potential to disrupt the industry.

As Threads evolves, addressing user feedback, enhancing functionality, and staying attuned to shifting user preferences will be paramount. By leveraging its existing user base and fostering a vibrant community, Threads has the potential to become a prominent force in the social media landscape, setting new standards for engagement, connection, and meaningful textual interaction.

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