We are going to see an unparalleled combination of digital information with space exploration. NASA, a pioneer in space, is introducing a game-changing venture on Earth: NASA+, a streaming service unlike any other.

NASA+ : Your Ultimate Source for Out-of-this-World Experiences.
Image: NASA

NASA+ is transforming space education.

NASA+ is an unrivaled free, ad-free platform meant to usher in a new age of space education and research. This amazing service will provide instant access to live launch coverage, in-depth documentaries, and fascinating original series.

Live Launch Coverage Expands Horizons

Immerse yourself in the thrill of space exploration as it unfolds. Experience the excitement, countdown, and awe-inspiring sight of launches from the comfort of your own home, transmitted directly from the launchpad to your screen. This personal experience will provide you a better idea of the careful labor that goes into each trip, as well as a glimpse into the future of human space travel.

Documentaries: An Exploration of the Universe

NASA+ includes a collection of high-quality films hand-picked by top-tier space specialists. Experience an elaborate voyage through the universe, from enormous galaxies millions of light-years distant to our solar system's closest neighbors. Each documentary provides material systematically, offering a satisfying tour of the cosmos.

Original Series: Uncharted Space Territories

Our original series selection, a distinct feature of NASA+, will take viewers to previously uncharted areas of the cosmos, recounting compelling stories of cosmic discoveries and technological advances. From stories of human bravery and creativity in the toughest environments to meticulous breakdowns of mechanical wonders, this series will pique the interest of any space lover.

At Its Finest, Accessibility

Accessibility is still at the core of NASA+'s design concept. The service is neatly integrated into the NASA app and is compatible with a variety of streaming devices, assuring worldwide access. We want to grow and deepen NASA's digital presence by providing a user-friendly and interactive online experience as part of our mission to make space exploration more accessible.

A Topic-Driven User Interface

NASA+ introduces a unique topic-driven interface that bridges the gap between curiosity and knowledge. Our platform curates material customized to your interests, whether you are searching for specific mission details, understanding climate data, or exploring other space-related subjects. This user-centered strategy strives to simplify online participation, offering a customized trip across the universe.

NASA+: Embracing the Future

NASA's efforts to modernize its internet presence signal a significant milestone in space communication. NASA+ heralds the beginning of an age in which space education becomes immersive, intuitive, and widely accessible. NASA+, your exclusive portal to the universe, allows you to experience the cosmos like never before.

Above is a graphic illustration of the NASA+ platform and its different capabilities. The graph depicts how NASA+ acts as a center for live launch coverage, documentaries, and original programs, and is available through the NASA app and different streaming devices. A topic-driven interface guarantees that consumers discover exactly what they're searching for. Welcome to NASA+, your one-stop shop for all things cosmic.

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