The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has announced a groundbreaking strategy to address the continuing problem of unclaimed car plates. The institution is creating a website called Motorists may easily find and get their car plates using this platform. The LTO's efforts to digitize this procedure indicate its dedication to modernizing and improving its services.

Launching of Online Portal by the Land Transportation Office (LTO).
Image: LTO

Taking Back the 1.7 Million Unclaimed Plates

The large backlog of unclaimed plates that has built over the years, totaling 1.7 million, is of the utmost concern. Since 2016, this backlog has been a recurrent issue. The launch of this online site is a calculated step that will substantially speed up the recovery procedure for these plates. Furthermore, it demonstrates the LTO's commitment to confronting this long-standing problem front on.

Current Status and Future Developments of the Portal

While the portal's database is still under construction, it is crucial to stress that it is being handled with the highest accuracy and efficiency. At the moment, only a few areas, notably the Cordillera Administrative Region and the National Capital Region, have their information accessible on the internet. The LTO, on the other hand, is constantly updating and growing the database, guaranteeing that new areas will be covered in due time.

Plate Distribution Boost: 108,400 Blank Motorcycle Plates

A large shipment of 108,400 blank motorbike plates was recently received for distribution, providing a timely boost to the LTO's efforts. This additional stock will greatly increase the capability to eliminate the backlog, putting the LTO one step closer to their objective.

Vigor Mendoza, the LTO's new CEO, lays his plans

Vigor Mendoza, the new LTO head, is at the heart of these creative improvements. Mendoza's ambitious plan includes the use of "mystery applicants" to carefully monitor operational procedures, increasing transparency and removing the existence of middlemen or "fixers."

Accountability of District Officers

Mendoza's approach emphasizes the need of cultivating an accountability culture. He has shown a dedication to ensuring that district officers properly adhere to established regulations. This increased degree of accountability will undoubtedly result in a better operating system and service delivery.

Mendoza's Leadership Expectations

Jaime Bautista, Transportation Secretary, has voiced high hopes for Mendoza's leadership. The Secretary expects Mendoza to properly solve the LTO's difficulties, particularly license card and vehicle plate backlogs. Mendoza is also likely to emphasize road safety initiatives, improvements to the motor vehicle inspection system, and the application procedure for driving license cards.

The Baton is being passed from Villacorta to Mendoza.

Mendoza took up the duties and expectations that come with the position of LTO head from his predecessor, Hector Villacorta. The LTO is well on its path to tremendous development and success under Mendoza's leadership and the execution of these new tactics.

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