Leading Chinese technology giant ZTE has announced that the Nubia Neovision Glass, the highly awaited AR glasses, are now available worldwide. The globe is now able to buy these smart glasses, which were first introduced earlier this year at the Mobile globe Congress 2023 and provide an immersive AR/VR experience.

ZTE Nubia Neovision AR Glasses Now Available Globally.
Image: gadgetadvisor.com

With its exceptional visual and acoustic capabilities, the Nubia Neovision Glass stands out from the competition. It is the first smart glass in the world to be certified by TÜV Rheinlan and Hi-Res Audio Quality, guaranteeing excellent audio quality and an engaging visual experience. 

Users may anticipate clear, immersive images with vivid colors on the Micro-OLED 120-inch screen, which has a pixel density of 3500 ppi and a binocular HD resolution of 1080p. The glasses further improve the viewing experience by offering a broad field of vision of 43 degrees and a brightness of up to 1800 nits.

Due to the incorporation of two omnidirectional speakers and a cyclonic sound tank, audio quality is very remarkable. Users may enjoy lossless sound quality, greatly boosting the entire audio experience, with sampling rates more than 44.1 kHz and bit depths greater than 16 bits.

The uses of the Nubia Neovision Glass are flexible. It serves as a convenient office helper, a personal mobile theater, and a mobile gaming hub. The glasses enable users to connect with numerous devices such as mobile phones, drones, gaming consoles, computers, and more since they can display pictures from connected devices onto a virtual screen in real-time.

The sleek, streamlined form of the Nubia Neovision Glass, which resembles lightweight designer sunglasses, seamlessly blends fashion and technology. The glasses are lightweight (just 79g) and provide a pleasing aesthetic appearance while being comfortable to wear.

Prices for ZTE's Nubia Neovision Glass are set at $529, €549, and £479 on the company's official website. It is available in many different nations and areas, including South Africa, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, and numerous European nations. Unfortunately, the glasses are not yet offered in the US, but ZTE may change its mind and ultimately make them accessible in one of the world's biggest AR/VR markets.

ZTE is making strides in the AR/VR industry with the Nubia Neovision Glass, providing users with a premium and immersive augmented reality experience.

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