YouTube has announced a significant reduction in the requirements for creators to access monetization tools through the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). The aim of this move is to provide creators with earlier opportunities to earn revenue from their content and utilize various monetization features offered by the platform. 

YouTube Partner Program (YPP).
Image: YouTube

The changes are designed to make the program more accessible and beneficial for a wider range of creators.

Effective immediately, the new eligibility criteria for monetization on YouTube are as follows:

For regular videos:

500 subscribers.

3 valid public uploads within the last 90 days.

3,000 watch hours in the past year.

For Shorts:

3 million valid public Shorts views within the last 90 days.

These new requirements represent a substantial reduction compared to the previous criteria set by YouTube, which required 1,000 subscribers, 4,000 watch hours, and/or 10 million Shorts views for monetization. By lowering the bar, YouTube intends to provide creators with the opportunity to start earning from their videos at an earlier stage in their channel's growth.

Meeting these new eligibility thresholds enables creators to apply and join the YouTube Partner Program, granting access to a range of monetization tools and features. Some of the benefits include:

Tipping tools: Creators can utilize Super Thanks, Super Chat, and Super Stickers to receive tips from their viewers.

Subscription tools: Channel memberships allow creators to offer exclusive perks to their subscribers.

Promotion of own merchandise: Through YouTube Shopping, creators can promote and sell their own products to their audience.

Additionally, YouTube is expanding its shopping affiliate program to U.S.-based creators who are part of the YouTube Partner Program and have more than 20,000 subscribers. This expansion allows eligible creators to tag products in their videos and Shorts, earning a commission through affiliate marketing.

It's important to note that these changes in eligibility criteria and monetization requirements are initially applicable to users in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Taiwan, and South Korea. YouTube plans to roll out these changes to other countries where the YouTube Partner Program is available.

YouTube's efforts to lower the barrier to entry for its monetization program reflect the platform's commitment to supporting creators and fostering a thriving community of content producers. By providing earlier access to monetization features and making them more attainable, YouTube aims to empower creators and encourage their continued growth and success on the platform.



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