In a recent development, social media giant Twitter is facing eviction from its Boulder office due to unpaid rent. The company, which has experienced significant turmoil since its takeover by Elon Musk, has been struggling with unpaid bills and financial difficulties. The eviction order was issued by a judge after Twitter failed to pay three months' rent to its landlord, Lot 2 SBO LLC, a Chicago-based company that owns the office space located at 3401 Bluff St in Boulder.

Twitter Faces Eviction from Boulder Office over Unpaid Rent.

Unpaid Rent and Eviction Order

According to court documents and reports by the Denver Business Journal, Twitter had provided a $968,000 letter of credit to the landlord in February 2020. This letter of credit was intended to cover the rent payments, but it ran out in March, and the company has not paid since then. The details of the arrangement between Twitter and the landlord are somewhat unclear, but it appears that the landlord has been using the letter of credit to compensate for the unpaid rent.

Due to Twitter's failure to fulfill its financial obligations, Lot 2 SBO LLC took the matter to court in May. On May 31, a judge issued an order for the eviction of Twitter from its Boulder office within the next 49 days, which means before the end of July. The case number is 2023CV30342 in Boulder District Court.

Implications for Twitter

The eviction from its Boulder office marks another setback for Twitter, as the company has been struggling with various challenges since Elon Musk took over. Reports suggest that the company's operations have fallen into disarray, and unpaid bills have become a common occurrence. The eviction order indicates that Twitter's financial troubles may be more severe than initially expected.

Twitter's workforce has also been significantly affected during this tumultuous period. The Boulder office, which once housed around 300 employees, has witnessed layoffs, firings, and resignations. The current number of employees at the office is estimated to be less than half of its previous size.

Legal Proceedings and Unpaid Fees

TechCrunch confirmed the authenticity of the legal records mentioned in the Denver Business Journal's report. However, the Sheriff's office declined to comment on the matter until it is concluded. Interestingly, while looking up the eviction case, another case involving a cleaning company seeking $93,504 in unpaid fees from Twitter was discovered, highlighting the company's financial challenges from multiple angles.

Twitter's Response

As of now, Twitter has not responded to requests for comment regarding the eviction and the unpaid fees. It remains to be seen how the company will address these financial issues and navigate its way forward in the increasingly competitive social media landscape.


Twitter's eviction from its Boulder office due to unpaid rent showcases the financial difficulties the company has been facing since Elon Musk's takeover. With a history of unpaid bills and reports of operational disarray, this eviction order further highlights the challenges Twitter is currently grappling with. The company's failure to pay rent for three months has led to legal action by the landlord, and a judge has ordered the eviction to take place within the next 49 days. As Twitter's workforce in Boulder has significantly diminished, the company's future prospects in the region remain uncertain. It is yet to be seen how Twitter will address these issues and work towards stabilizing its operations.



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