E-commerce in the Philippines has been experiencing significant growth, and as a result, the number of dropshippers in the country has been increasing. Finding reliable dropshipping suppliers for the Philippines can be challenging, but we have researched and compiled a list of the top dropshipping suppliers for 2023.

Top Dropshipping Suppliers for the Philippines in 2023.
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AliExpress is a popular B2C platform that offers a wide range of products from suppliers worldwide, including the Philippines. Many AliExpress dropshipping suppliers have warehouses in the Philippines, enabling faster delivery and better customer satisfaction. AliExpress offers various product categories, making it a versatile option for dropshippers.


Although not a Filipino dropshipping company, CJDropshipping has a warehouse in the Philippines, making them an excellent option for dropshippers. They integrate with various store builders like Shopify, WooCommerce, Lazada, eBay, ShipStation, and Shopee, which are widely used in the Philippines. CJDropshipping allows you to sell items directly from their PH warehouse, reducing delivery times for your customers.


If you're looking for Shopify print-on-demand services, Printful is a top choice. They offer a wide range of custom products, including apparel, accessories, and home goods. Printful handles printing, packaging, and shipping, making it convenient for dropshippers in the Philippines.


Spocket is known for its extensive catalog of high-quality products, particularly in the clothing category. With Spocket, you can easily find and add products to your online store. They also offer integration with popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify, making it easy to manage your dropshipping business.


If you're focusing on selling toys and furniture, AppScenic is a recommended dropshipping supplier in the Philippines. They provide a wide range of toys and furniture products at competitive prices. AppScenic's product catalog caters to various age groups and interests.


SaleHoo is a popular platform that connects dropshippers with verified suppliers. They offer a comprehensive directory of suppliers, including those from the Philippines. SaleHoo provides tools and resources to help dropshippers find profitable products and manage their businesses effectively.


If you're looking for high-quality imported items, Doba is worth considering. They offer a wide range of products from reliable suppliers. Doba also provides an efficient inventory management system and integrates with popular e-commerce platforms.



EPROLO is a completely free dropshipping platform that stands out among other dropshipping suppliers in the Philippines. They offer convenient dropshipping services and have warehouses in or ship to the Philippines. EPROLO allows you to start your own e-commerce site without the need for large storage spaces. They handle the packaging and shipping of products to your customers.

Starting a dropshipping business in the Philippines can be challenging due to competition and market dynamics. However, by partnering with reliable dropshipping suppliers like AliExpress, CJDropshipping, Printful, Spocket, and others, you can find success in the industry. It's important to consider factors such as product quality, delivery times, and customer support when choosing the right dropshipping suppliers for your business in the Philippines.

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