Netflix's recent decision to crack down on password sharing in the United States has resulted in a significant increase in new subscriber sign-ups. The streaming giant experienced a surge in accounts shortly after implementing the new measures, surpassing the growth seen during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

REPORT: Netflix Sees Jump in Subscriptions as It Begins to Curb Password Sharing in the U.S.
Image: Netflix


This move by Netflix aims to boost its bottom line and ensure that users are subscribing individually rather than sharing passwords with others. The data collected by streaming analytics company Antenna reveals the impact of this crackdown and its implications for the streaming industry as a whole.

Netflix's Successful Crackdown on Password Sharing

According to Antenna's data, the four days following Netflix's password sharing crackdown resulted in the four largest days of new subscriber sign-ups in the United States since January 2019. The increase in new accounts was a staggering 102% higher than the previous average, surpassing the growth seen during the pandemic lockdowns when streaming consumption was at its peak.

Netflix added 100,000 new accounts on both May 26 and May 27, immediately after the implementation of the crackdown. This surge in sign-ups demonstrates that the new policy has successfully prompted individuals who were previously sharing passwords to create their own accounts. By restricting password sharing, Netflix aims to convert casual viewers into paying subscribers, ultimately boosting its revenue and bottom line.

Implications for the Streaming Industry

Netflix's success in curbing password sharing may serve as a blueprint for other streaming services to follow suit. As a corporate entity, Netflix has experienced substantial stock market growth, with its stock soaring 25% in the last month and 129% in the last year. This demonstrates that the market values Netflix's content and account plans, which include restrictions on password sharing.

Given Netflix's significant market share, other streaming services such as HBO/HBO Max/Max, Amazon, Apple, Hulu, Disney, Paramount, and Peacock may consider implementing similar measures in the near future. While smaller services might be more lenient due to the potential benefits of increased viewership, the success of Netflix's crackdown may encourage other platforms to follow suit and enforce stricter policies to ensure individual subscriptions and maximize revenue.


Netflix's decision to curb password sharing in the United States has yielded positive results, with a surge in new subscriber sign-ups exceeding previous growth rates. The streaming service's crackdown on password sharing has effectively prompted individuals to create their own accounts, contributing to increased revenue and solidifying Netflix's position in the streaming industry. As other streaming platforms observe Netflix's success, it is likely that they will also consider implementing similar measures to ensure individual subscriptions and maximize their own financial performance.



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