CEO Steve Huffman, commonly known as u/spez, addressed the current debate regarding the platform's new API fees in a recent Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Reddit. Despite the community's and hundreds of subreddits' outrage, Huffman stayed fast in his decision and reaffirmed his claims against Christian Selig, the creator of the popular third-party program Apollo.

Reddit's CEO intensifies his criticism of the Apollo developer in a dramatic AMA.
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Selig was among the first to express alarm about the increased API fees, claiming that it would make running the Apollo app financially untenable. According to Selig, complying with the increased rules would cost him $20 million per year, a figure that the app could not earn in income. As a result, Selig stated that the app will be decommissioned on June 30, shortly before the higher price went into effect on July 1.

Huffman, on the other hand, did not back down and accused Selig of inefficiency and improper usage of the API. He also attacked Selig's "behavior and communications," calling them contradictory, and stating that Reddit will not work with him in the future. This conversation heightened the tension around the problem, leading to the shutdown of additional third-party programs such as Sync, RIF, and Reddplant.

The debate erupted when Selig said that instead of driving third-party applications out of business, Reddit could have explored purchasing them. If Apollo was costing Reddit $20 million every year, Selig said, the business should have purchased the software from him instead of imposing the new price structure. While Selig subsequently stated that his message was intended as a joke and an effort to understand Reddit's decision, Huffman described it as a "threat" on a following call with moderators.

The AMA session revealed insight on Reddit's difficult relationship with third-party app developers, as the business faces backlash over API changes. Despite the community's outrage and rising criticism, Reddit stands fast in its decision, putting developers like Selig and their successful applications in jeopardy. It will be interesting to observe how this dispute affects the future of third-party applications on the Reddit platform.

Overall, Huffman's AMA session highlighted the drama and tension around Reddit's new API fees, as well as the charges hurled against the Apollo developer. The continuing debate between Reddit and third-party app developers underscores the difficulties in balancing platform management and community interests. As the issue develops, the future of third-party applications on Reddit is in jeopardy.



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