Apple is preparing to debut its long-awaited mixed reality headgear at its 2023 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). To thrive, the headgear, which is likely to be a high-end gadget that blends virtual and augmented reality, would need a whole new software environment.

If Apple wants its headset to win, it needs to reinvent the app

According to The Verge's editor-at-large and Vergecast co-host David Pierce, Apple has been attempting to redesign the app experience for years, but has encountered difficulties in making applications more interoperable, contextual, and immersive. He contended that a headset is more than simply a new screen; it's a new manner of connecting with a device and applications.

Pierce highlighted many instances of how Apple has tinkered with various app features and paradigms throughout the years, including widgets, extensions, Siri shortcuts, app clips, and universal search. He also mentioned how Apple has been developing its ARKit framework and Reality Composer tool to allow developers to create augmented reality content.

Pierce, on the other hand, said that none of these attempts have been sufficient to provide a really seamless and intuitive app experience across devices and platforms. He advised that Apple reconsider the app model for its headset and provide developers with new tools and incentives to build applications that take use of the headset's capabilities.

Pierce claimed that Apple would release a new operating system for its headgear, presumably dubbed RealityOS, that would enable users to choose between seeing the actual world and virtual reality via a physical dial. He also thought that Apple may allow users to view numerous applications at once in a virtual world and operate them with hand gestures or voice commands.

Pierce concluded that although Apple's headgear has the potential to establish a new app economy, it also confronts several hurdles and uncertainties. He stated that Apple must persuade developers that its headgear is worthwhile to invest in, and that customers would want to use it for purposes other than gaming or entertainment. He also cautioned that Apple might face regulatory scrutiny and competition in the mixed reality area from other digital behemoths.



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