"My First DAO," a complete online course from Web3 infrastructure provider Upstream, will teach students how to establish a DAO. To develop autonomous online communities, participants will attend seminars on tokenomics, governance, and compliance for 24 weeks.

Web3 Infrastructure Company Upstream Launches ‘Learn and Earn’ DAO Course


This unique "learn and earn" initiative rewards students for active involvement. Students will also create a unique non-fungible currency (NFT) dubbed the "DAOphin," which can be traded for generative art with rarity attributes. Upstream's "My First DAO" course teaches Web3 architects how to construct effective DAOs.

Web3 Builders

Alex Taub, Upstream's co-founder, saw a shortage of Web3 ecosystem DAO development instruction. Taub stresses that many people are confused with tokenomics, governance, and voting, which hinders online community acceptance and growth. Upstream's comprehensive training seeks to uncover Web3 builders' potential and enable them to construct successful DAOs. "My First DAO" will teach participants about the complexity and potential of decentralized organizations.

Learn-and-Earn Model

"My First DAO" has a unique "learn and earn" mechanism. The 24-week course rewards active involvement and engagement. Participants must mint a DAOphin NFT, a cute dolphin-themed digital collectable by Process Grey, the creator of Goblintown, to begin their voyage. This NFT shows their dedication and grants course privileges. Actively engaging in courses will help students get NFTs with uncommon qualities as the program advances. This innovative incentivization technique encourages students to actively engage with course content and promotes collaboration.

DAOphin NFT:

Students may burn their DAOphin NFT and obtain generative art with rare qualities after the 24-week course. This generative art will show their course completion and talents. Students are more engaged and learn more about DAO development when they can get a unique and valuable digital asset. This hands-on method rewards students for their course knowledge and lets them display their accomplishments to the Web3 community.

DAO Potential Unlocking

Upstream's "My First DAO" course unlocks DAOs' potential and creates a new generation of Web3 creators. The course bridges the knowledge gap and helps participants construct effective autonomous online communities by providing the tools, information, and understanding. Students will use their practical abilities to take over the NFT collection's intellectual property and financed DAO treasury. This hands-on event lets participants use their acquired knowledge to develop and innovate the DAO ecosystem.


The Web3 ecosystem needs Upstream's "My First DAO" course to teach ambitious builders how to form decentralized autonomous organizations. The program helps students understand tokenomics, governance, and compliance via a comprehensive curriculum, active student interaction, and NFTs. Successful DAOs will shape online communities as Web3 evolves. Upstream's project boosts innovation, cooperation, and DAO adoption in the Web3 ecosystem.

Disclaimer: This post provides information solely and is not financial or investment advice. NFT purchases, investments, and instructional programs need investigation and prudence.

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