Nvidia just made an amazing announcement, introducing the RTX 4060 GPU family. This includes the highly anticipated RTX 4060 Ti, which will be available on May 24th for $399. Nvidia also revealed the RTX 4060, which will be available in July at the low price of $299. These new graphics cards are notable since they are the first in Nvidia's newest RTX 40-series portfolio to be priced below $500, with the RTX 4060 targeting the 1080p gaming market especially.

Nvidia Announces RTX 4060 and 4060 Ti GPUs: Affordable Power to PC Gaming


Let's look further into Nvidia's specs and price data, as well as the possible influence of these GPUs on the gaming community.

Pricing and performance that are competitive

Nvidia's pricing approach for the RTX 4060 series demonstrates their dedication to delivering cheap solutions for PC gamers. The RTX 4060 Ti, priced at $399, is an appealing alternative to its predecessor, the RTX 3060 Ti, while the basic RTX 4060 is even more affordable at $299. These pricing ranges are aimed towards the mainstream gaming market, making high-performance gaming more affordable to a wider variety of players.

Outstanding Power Efficiency

With the RTX 4060 series, Nvidia has made tremendous gains in power efficiency. Both the RTX 4060 Ti and RTX 4060 models use less energy than their predecessors. With a total graphics power of 160 watts, the RTX 4060 Ti uses less energy, resulting in an average gaming power use of roughly 140 watts. Similarly, the RTX 4060 has 115 watts of overall graphics output and 110 watts of average power utilization during games. These advances in power efficiency lead to a more sustainable and cost-effective gaming experience for players.

Concerns about VRAM and Texture Quality

The 8GB of VRAM featured in both the RTX 4060 Ti and RTX 4060 versions has sparked debate among gamers. While some gamers are used to 1080p resolution and adjusting settings for optimal performance, the need for additional VRAM has risen as more demanding games have become available. Nvidia has responded to these worries by announcing a 16GB version of the RTX 4060 Ti, which will be available in July for $499. However, some gamers may be disappointed since the basic model lacks a larger VRAM option. Additional VRAM might improve texture quality, ray tracing capabilities, and overall visual performance. It's worth mentioning that Nvidia may not be alone in producing 8GB VRAM cards in this class, with reports circulating that AMD may follow suit with an 8GB Radeon RX 7600.


The RTX 4060 and 4060 Ti GPUs from Nvidia provide outstanding gaming performance to a more reasonable price range. These graphics cards are an appealing option for gamers looking for high performance at 1080p HD. Nvidia intends to meet the expectations of the mainstream gaming industry by offering competitive price, increased power efficiency, and the possibility for expanded VRAM choices. While more testing is required to evaluate their performance at 1080p and 1440p resolutions, the RTX 4060 series is primed to make a huge impact in the gaming market. As PC gamers anxiously await the arrival of new GPUs, the price and performance they provide will definitely pique their interest and propel gaming technology forward.

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