Microsoft's latest partnership with Nvidia has piqued players' interest, as it delivers Xbox titles to the GeForce Now streaming service for PC users. This collaboration intends to increase the availability of Xbox games and give players with a consistent gaming experience across platforms.

Microsoft and Nvidia Collaboration


In this post, we'll go through the specifics of Microsoft and Nvidia's partnership and consider the consequences for PC gamers.

Xbox games are now available on GeForce Now.

Gears 5, which was just launched, is the first Xbox game to be offered on GeForce Now as part of Microsoft and Nvidia's relationship. This is a big achievement since it paves the way for additional Xbox Game Studios and Bethesda games to be offered to GeForce Now in the near future. On May 25th, PC players can expect to play famous titles like as Deathloop, Grounded, and Pentiment, with other Xbox games periodically entering the roster.

Gaming Options Expansion

With the addition of Xbox games to GeForce Now, PC players now have a larger variety of titles to pick from. This collaboration allows gamers to access Xbox games without having an Xbox system, bridging the console-PC gaming divide. The addition of notable games from Xbox Game Studios and Bethesda expands the gaming ecosystem's variety and enthusiasm.

GeForce Now Streaming Xbox Games

To allow streaming, Xbox PC games on GeForce Now must currently be bought on the Steam marketplace. Microsoft and Nvidia, on the other hand, are actively working on adding support for the Microsoft Store, which may boost the availability of Xbox titles on GeForce Now. While it is unknown if this support would include PC Game Pass, it is probable that it will begin with complete game purchases. Nvidia promises that store support will be added in the coming months, increasing the accessibility and simplicity of playing Xbox games on GeForce Now.

Regulatory Approvals and Prospects for the Future

The partnership between Microsoft and Nvidia derives from a 10-year arrangement to license Xbox PC games to GeForce Now, which helped to alleviate European authorities' reservations over Microsoft's planned Activision Blizzard purchase. The European Union authorized the agreement, but UK authorities expressed reservations, prompting a legal challenge and appeal procedure in the United States. Nvidia affirms that the arrangement with Microsoft to offer Xbox PC titles to GeForce Now will go through regardless of the result of the purchase.


The collaboration between Microsoft and Nvidia to offer Xbox titles on GeForce Now is a welcome development for PC players. The addition of popular Xbox games to the GeForce Now streaming service broadens gaming choices and ensures a consistent gaming experience across platforms. As Microsoft and Nvidia continue to improve Xbox game compatibility and accessibility on GeForce Now, the future holds enormous promise for players looking for a diversified and engaging gaming experience.

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