A new lawsuit filed against Elon Musk and Twitter's parent company, X. Corp, has revealed an unexpected request made by Musk while visiting Twitter's headquarters. Six former Twitter workers filed the case, accusing Musk and the firm of multiple crimes, including fraud, breach of contract, and labor-rights legislation.

Elon Musk's Alleged Bathroom Request at Twitter Headquarters: A Closer Look.


While the complaint contains several charges, one particularly interesting element is Musk's claimed desire for a bathroom to be install close to his office. In this post, we will look at the allegations in the complaint and offer a summary of the scenario.

The Purported Request

According to the complaint, Steve Davis, CEO of The Boring Company, directed Joseph Killian, who handled office design during his 12-year employment at Twitter, to begin construction on a new bathroom closer to Musk's office. The reason for this request, as stated in the complaint, was Musk's wish to avoid waking up his security crew and walking a large distance in the middle of the night to use the toilet.

Controversy Over Permits

According to the complaint, Killian promised to secure the appropriate licenses for Musk's requested bathroom. According to the lawsuit, Davis downplayed the necessity for permits, saying, "We don't do that; we don't have to follow those rules." Instead, according to the lawsuit, Davis advocated employing an unlicensed plumber to install the bathroom in order to avoid the requirement for permits and licensed personnel.

Musk's Reaction and Reaction

Twitter and Musk have not issued specific responses to the case. Twitter reacted with a normal emoji auto-reply, while Musk addressed the accusations on Twitter. He described the necessity for a restroom near his workplace to avoid awakening his bodyguards as a "absurd scenario." Musk went on to say that if his bodyguards were sleeping rather than guaranteeing his safety, it would be considerably more concerning to him than the convenience of a quicker trip to the lavatory.

Observations on Twitter's Operations

The complaint and its accompanying allegations provide insights into the operations and dynamics at Twitter's headquarters during Musk's tenure with the business. According to reports, at least two security trailed Musk throughout his San Francisco office, including taking him to the lavatory. Such security precautions are not unusual for public figures, but they give a fascinating background to the purported request for a nearby bathroom.

Consideration and Implications

While the accusations in the complaint may raise eyebrows, the context in which they are presented is critical. The assertions provide insight into the dynamics of high-profile persons' wants and the organizational actions to meet those requirements. It is crucial to remember, however, that this complaint represents just one side of the story and has yet to be established in court.

The attention on Musk's claimed restroom request should not overwhelm the lawsuit's wider allegations, which include fraud, breach of contract, and labor-rights breaches. These concerns need careful consideration in order to guarantee equitable treatment and conformity with current legislation.


The complaint filed against Elon Musk and Twitter's parent company, X. Corp, focuses on an unusual request purportedly made by Musk when he was visiting Twitter's headquarters. According to the accusation, Musk wanted a restroom closer to his office to avoid awakening his security crew in the middle of the night. While the complaint reveals fascinating insights about the company's dynamics, it is important to note that the accusations have yet to be proved in court. As the legal process progresses, it is critical to retain a balanced viewpoint and concentrate on the larger issues raised in the litigation.

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