Subscribers to Disney Plus and Hulu may want to catch up on their favorite episodes as soon as possible, since Disney intends to remove many series and films from both streaming sites as part of cost-cutting efforts. Disney CEO Bob Iger and CFO Christine McCarthy indicated their decision to examine and eliminate some material to coincide with strategic changes in content curation in response to dwindling subscriber numbers.

Disney Plus and Hulu to Remove Multiple Shows: Cost-Cutting Measures and Backlash.


However, after public outcry, Disney has reversed intentions to remove certain material, including the documentary "Howard." In this post, we look at the rationale behind the content purges, the ramifications for Disney Plus and Hulu customers, and the current move to reverse the removal.

Cost-cutting measures and a drop in subscriber numbers

In the first quarter of 2023, Disney Plus lost 4 million customers, leading the corporation to take action. Disney intended to eliminate a number of episodes and films from both Disney Plus and Hulu in order to save expenses. The projected content impairment penalty for the deletions would range between $1.5 billion and $1.8 billion. Disney's plan for 2023 is to save $3 billion after spending heavily on programming for Disney Plus the previous year.

Reversal of Removals and Backlash

Among the movies set for removal were "Willow," a reprise of Ron Howard's 1988 fantasy picture, and "Howard," a highly praised documentary on Howard Ashman, a homosexual man who contributed to Disney's renowned melodies. The intended removal of "Howard" caused widespread outrage, prompting Disney to decide to keep the film on its platforms. The corporate spokesman added that the list of titles being deleted is still being completed, implying that further deletions may be reconsidered as well. This reversal highlights the power of public emotion in influencing content selections.

Consequences for Subscribers and Content Curation

The withdrawal of programming and films from Disney Plus and Hulu may dissatisfy customers who have been watching these programmes. "Big Shot," "Turner & Hooch," "The Mysterious Benedict Society," and "The World According to Jeff Goldblum" are among the titles that are expected to be removed. This content purge raises concerns about Disney's approach to content selection and the viability of streaming services. Subscribers may notice a difference in the sorts of episodes and films accessible on these platforms as Disney works to match its content offerings with strategic changes.

Industry Trends and Lessons Learned

Other streaming providers, such as HBO Max and Showtime, have made similar cost-cutting initiatives by removing failing catalog items. These moves underscore the difficult economic situation that streaming platforms confront, where the need to balance expenses and customer demand is critical. The withdrawal of some episodes and films serves as a reminder of the fluid nature of the streaming business, in which content availability may shift depending on financial considerations and market trends.


The decision by Disney to delete various episodes and films from Disney Plus and Hulu highlights the company's cost-cutting tactics in reaction to dwindling subscription numbers. The reaction and subsequent reversal of intentions to remove the documentary "Howard" demonstrate the impact of public emotion on content choices. As Disney refines its content curation approach, customers may notice changes in the material offered on various channels. This incident serves as a reminder of the ever-changing nature of the streaming market, in which economic factors and subscriber demand drive content offers.



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