Tencent Cloud, the cloud services subsidiary of the Chinese tech behemoth Tencent, has launched a new digital human production platform that enables users to create "deepfakes" of any person using a three-minute video footage and 100 sentences of audio material.

The deepfake-making tool on Tencent Cloud

Tencent Cloud's deepfake generator recreates fake videos of an individual using Tencent's in-house artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. Scammers extensively use deepfake videos to deceive investors by impersonating notable figures. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, issued a warning in 2022 about the increasing prevalence of deepfakes impersonating him to promote cryptocurrency schemes.

According to local news source Jiemian, Tencent Cloud's service can analyze and educate itself on three-minute recordings and 100 vocal samples to create a convincing deepfake video within 24 hours. The deepfake creation service costs approximately $145 or 1,000 Chinese Yuan.

News media organization The Register reportedly verified the development with Tencent and noted that the service could produce deepfakes in both Chinese and English. Five designs are available for the construction of digital humans: 3D realistic, 3D semi-realistic, 3D cartoon, 2D real person, and 2D cartoon.

Tencent plans to utilize the service to present live-streamed infomercials for the Chinese audience. The report by Jiemian discloses that deepfakes may also be used to represent "doctors, lawyers, and other professionals."

Other Chinese tech titans, including Huawei and Baidu, have begun developing their own generative AI tools to compete with market leader ChatGPT.

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