In the last decade, we have seen a tremendous shift in how people communicate with one another. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and others have increasingly become an integral part of our daily lives. They provide us with numerous opportunities to connect with friends and family from anywhere around the world.

The impact of social networks on communication and relationships

However, this surge in digital connectivity has also brought about significant changes to traditional modes of interpersonal communication that can positively or negatively affect our relationships.

On one hand; it's easier than ever before for individuals who may live miles apart to stay connected through instant messaging applications like WhatsApp or Skype calls. In fact these apps enable users not only voice call but video conference which makes them feel closer even though they are physically distant from each other.

Furthermore there is no denying that social media played a critical role during covid19 pandemic lockdowns in helping people maintain some level sense community by commiserating together over shared challenges while still maintaining physical distance protocols..

But while technology provides new ways for humans to interact virtually across geographical distances – It comes at cost especially when it comes determining whether what you see online corresponds exactly what happening offline..

The internet however cannot replace human interaction entirely because every person has unique personality traits shaped by values learned upbringing education experiences etc .

Moreover many times persons use filters edit their photos , hide certain parts their life (which could be problematic) thus leading into limited view points regarding reality which eventually gives rise unrealistic expectations comparisons between different lifestyles causing emotional harm those trying keep up appearances . These false narratives promote unhealthy comparison competition jealousy envy insecurity among users further eroding trust authenticity real connections friendships built personal experience vulnerability honesty transparency empathy mutual respect understanding compromise collaboration forgiveness compassion support loyalty encouragement in turn putting strain on romantic partnerships marriages schools workplaces communities society large .

In conclusion although social networking sites offer lots advantages ease convenience growth potential more authentic meaningful interactions unfortunately if used improperly and without mindfulness they can have negative effects on communication relationships . 

Perhaps it's time to take a step back and evaluate how we use these platforms, not just for our benefit but also the betterment of society as whole. Let us strive build healthy connections that is built upon trust authentic real conversations interests shared values empathy compassion mutual support encouragement guidance mentorship inspiration challenge humor celebration love. 

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