Only the Globe Telecom network can unlock the Globe Pocket WiFi. And only the Globe and TM prepaid sims will work on those device, not Smart, TNT, Sun, or DITO sim. This is quite annoying, particularly if you need to use a different SIM card in your Globe Pocket WiFi, because for example, the signal strength from Globe is poor where you are, or your Globe mobile data promo has ended, but you still have data on a different SIM card.

Globe Huawei Pocket WiFi

It is common to refer to a Pocket WiFi that is not network-locked as a "openline" device.  Any sim may be inserted into a Pocket WiFi device, which is a benefit when utilizing a VPN or HTTP Injector for privacy or free internet, regardless of your motivation.  

Globe Telecom used Huawei Pocket WiFi modems, the most common of which is the Huawei E5330 series. Since Globe Pocket WiFi can be unlocked, you won't have to worry about spending a ton of money on other Pocket WiFi modems.

You may unlock or openline your Globe Huawei Pocket WiFi by following these easy instructions, which can be found below in the "Do It Yourself" section of this article.

How To Freely Unlock Or Openline Your Globe Huawei Pocket WiFi Requirements:

  • Google, Facebook, or Twitter account; absolutely no need for third-party software.
  • Globe Huawei Pocket WiFi - IMEI (15-digit digits) and Model Number (for example: Huawei E5330Bs-2). 
  • Computer, laptop, or smartphone (with an online connection). These particulars are often listed on the back cover; if they are not listed there, you will need to open the back case of your pocket WiFi device, which is something you normally do when adding a SIM card.
  • Unlock Code for a Smart, TNT, Sun, or DITO sim card - (you will be able to produce this by following the process outlined below) Unlocking a modem will often need a number with eight digits, and this number is highly significant. 
  • The Huawei Unlock Code Generator, also known as the huaweicodecalculator app, is what is used to do the calculation, and it offers free unlock codes (10 free credits).

Huawei Code Calculator Unlock Code Generation

  1. In order to access your Google, Facebook, or Twitter accounts, you must first log in.
  2. Visit the website at 
  3. Select the 'REGISTER WITH GOOGLE' link. You may also sign in using services like Facebook and Twitter. When logged in, go to the 'CODE GENERATOR' section of the main menu.
  4. If this is your first time using the calculator, it will ask you to agree to the Terms and Conditions. When prompted, choose the Check Box and Agree option.
  5. To enter the IMEI and Model Number for your Huawei Pocket WiFi, you will be transported to a website that shows your current Credit balance. Fill out the fields with the 15-digit IMEI and the model number, then hit the submit button.
  6. Look for Google, Like, and Follow buttons and tap the it.
  7. Verify the Outcome and Write Down the Latest Algorithm Code.

Guide for Unlocking a Huawei Device

Step 1. To use your Globe Huawei Pocket WiFi with a Smart, TNT, Sun, or DITO SIM card, insert your sim.

Step 2. Open Chrome or Firefox, then go to or (with admin as the login and password).


A text window asking for the passcode will pop up. The 8-digit UNLOCK CODE (NEW ALGO) you wrote down before must be entered immediately.

Step 4. And then all you have to do is hit the APPLY button.

Step 5. You're finished if your portable WiFi modem is picking up a signal and there are no further errors. Your Huawei Pocket WiFi from Globe has been successfully unlocked at no cost to you.

Keep in mind that most Huawei modems only allow 10 tries before giving up. Huawei Code Calculator provides Unlock Code versions 1, 2, and 3 for free. That's three opportunities to enter the password for your portable Wi-Fi. If none of these solutions worked for you, read on for other possible replacements.

Here's a rundown of unlockable Huawei models that huaweicodecalculator supports:

Huawei E5330Bs-2, Huawei E586E, Huawei E171, Huawei E172, Huawei E173, Huawei E176, Huawei E177, Huawei E180, Huawei E181, Huawei E182, Huawei E166, Huawei E155, Huawei E156, Huawei E158, Huawei E160, Huawei E170, Huawei E161, Huawei E169, Huawei E188, Huawei E196, Huawei E216, Huawei E219, Huawei E220, Huawei E226, Huawei E22X, Huawei E230, Huawei E270, Huawei E271, Huawei E272, Huawei E303, Huawei E352, Huawei E353, Huawei E355, Huawei E357, Huawei E367, Huawei E368, Huawei E369, Huawei E372, Huawei E392, Huawei E397, Huawei E398, Huawei E612, Huawei E618, Huawei E620, Huawei E630, Huawei E660, Huawei E800, Huawei E870, Huawei E880, Huawei E968, Huawei E1550, Huawei E1551, Huawei E1552, Huawei E1553, Huawei E155X, Huawei E156C, Huawei E156G, Huawei E156X, Huawei E1609, Huawei E160E, Huawei E160G, Huawei E1612, Huawei E1615, Huawei E1616, Huawei E1630, Huawei E1632, Huawei E166G, Huawei E1690, Huawei E1692, Huawei E1820, Huawei E1823, Huawei E182E, Huawei E1831, Huawei E1800, Huawei E1803, Huawei E180G, Huawei E180S, Huawei E169G, Huawei E170G, Huawei E1780, Huawei E172G, Huawei E1762, Huawei E2010, Huawei S4011, Huawei E1731, Huawei E3131, Huawei E630+, Huawei E660A, Huawei K3517, Huawei K3520, Huawei K3710, Huawei EG162, Huawei EG602, Huawei EM770, Huawei EG602G, Huawei EG162G, Huawei UMG181.

There may be unexpected updates to this list. For the most up-to-date list of compatible devices, please visit

Optional: Submit a Code Request to GLOBE

If your Globe Pocket WiFi modem is no longer under warranty, you should follow these instructions to unlock it and get administrative access. In addition, modems that call for an Unlock Code may use this technique. The E5573cs-933, E5573c, E5576, M022, E5576-856, and M272T are all examples of Globe pocket WiFi or LTE Mobile WiFi devices.

Start by chatting with a Globe representative on their official Facebook page ( The agent needs your name, phone number, and email address to verify your identity. Explain that you need the Unlock Code in order to unlock your Globe Pocket WiFi and that you want to do it now.

If the customer service agent refuses your request to unlock your modem or is unsure on how to proceed, you may provide them with a snapshot of NTC MC 01-05-2019 as proof. Following confirmation of your request, you'll be asked for your Globe mobile number and the IMEI of your pocket WiFi (which can be accessed by opening the device's back cover). You may have to wait up to 5 days for the Unlock Code to be sent.

Huawei Globe Modems Have a Known Flaw

The red box models of the Globe Huawei Modems are the only ones that cannot be unlocked. A firmware update and some minor adjustments are required to enable use of these modems.

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