The 2023's celebration of National Women's Month represents a significant milestone in the ongoing progress of women's rights. This is because it not only introduces a new recurring theme for the years 2023 to 2028, which is 'WE for gender equality and inclusive society', but it also serves as a platform to renew the commitment to advocacy and build upon the successes of the 2016-2022 theme: 'WE Make CHANGE Work for Women'. 

National Women's Month in 2023

The fresh slogan for this yearly drive serves as an optimistic declaration and an appeal to take action. It acknowledges the accomplishments made in narrowing gender disparities within the nation while also rallying more backing for the cause.

According to the Gender Development Index (GDI), which evaluates disparities in the attainment of three fundamental facets of human development - Health, Knowledge, and Living Standards - the Philippines has made significant strides in advancing gender equality. Presently, the country has a GDI score of 0.990, reflecting a 0.004-point rise from 2021. The higher the ratio gets to 1, the lesser the divide between genders in the nation. This places the Philippines in Group 1, which includes nations with substantial parity in Human Development Index accomplishments between males and females.

The recurring motif further corresponds with the Philippine Development Plan 2023-2028, which seeks to bring about "significant economic and social reforms that stimulate job creation and hasten poverty reduction by returning the economy to a high-growth trajectory." The plan also emphasizes that progress must be all-encompassing, establishing a milieu that affords equal prospects to every Filipino and furnishing them with the expertise to take part in a forward-thinking and internationally competitive economy.

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