There are numerous celebrities who have experienced more hardships than others before becoming famous personalities - Their humble beginnings were recognized because of all their sacrifices just to have a better life - Included in this list of rags to riches stories in the Philippines are a comedian, two current actor-politicians, and an iconic actress among others A celebrity’s life is full of glitz and glamour.

10 Inspiring Filipino Celebrities who went from RAGS to RICHES

They probably earn more in one project than what most Filipinos do in a year. Aside bagging several endorsements under your belt, it also pays a lot to witness life size billboards of yourself. However, the road to stardom is not easy. At some point, they must have experienced the tedious process of auditions and face countless rejections. While each of their stories are unique and inspiring, it all boils down on how quite a chosen few are touching more than the others. These ten celebrities will inspire everyone to work hard for a better life as it will definitely pay off someday.

1. Coco Martin
The actor is a graduate of Hotel and Restaurant Management before he became a waiter. But in the hopes of giving his family a better life, he applied as a caregiver in Canada. After realizing his true calling in acting, he went back to the country and started getting recognition in the indie scene. Now, he is one of ABS-CBN’s most prized artists and is currently starring in the top-rating TV series, ‘Ang Probinsyano.’ 10 Filipino celebrities and their humble beginnings Coco Martin was not only known for his acting skills but also for his appeal to the masses.

Coco Martin
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2. Ai-ai delas Alas
Ai-ai is now dubbed as the ‘Philippine Queen of Comedy’ and a mainstay in GMA’s Sunday variety show, ‘Sunday Pinasaya.’ But before that, she worked as a sales lady in a department store. Armed with a sense of humor and wit, she started joining stand-up comedy in Manila which eventually led to acting. Her biggest break came through Wenn Deramas’ ‘Ang Tanging Ina.’ 10 Filipino celebrities and their humble beginnings The comedy queen transferred to GMA network in 2015.

Ai-ai delas Alas
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3. Willie Revillame
If someone would tell you that the same Willie Revillame who owns a yacht, his own private plane, buildings, and numerous real estate properties used to be a sidekick who was just bossed around – you would probably have a hard time believing it. But the TV host did not shy away from his poor past, and was even always mentioning the struggles he went through before reaching his current state – inspiring viewers of his TV show. 10 Filipino celebrities and their humble beginnings The TV show host is back on GMA network with his top-rating show, ‘Wowowin.’

Willie Revillame
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4. Jennylyn Mercado
Besides getting recognition for winning in GMA’s reality talent competition, ‘Starstruck,’ she made headlines after revealing that she was a battered child. Her stepfather went as far as pushing hot iron into her back and cigarette butts were used to burn her skin. Now, the Kapuso actress is living a better life with her aunt Lydia who rescued her and her son, Alex Jazz.
Jennylyn Mercado

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