Calling all loyalty rewards fanatics and crypto investors out there! LoyalCoin announced on its breaking news video on August 21, 2018, that the "10 Million LoyalCoin Challenge" begins on August 22, in the top 25 crypto exchange, Kryptono.

The recently listing of LoyalCoin to the said exchange is the reason behind of this challenge. That's why they want all loyalist to celebrate in the form of getting more LYL by trading and holding it in Kryptono exchange.

This challenge is up only for one month, from August 22 until September 21, 2018. This is like getting a loyalty rewards by trading and holding your LYL in Kryptono. The 10 million LoyalCoin challenge is their new promotions and this is only one of their major promo in the coming days.

Here are the Full Mechanics:

Early Bird (Additional 20% LYL)

  • The first 2,000 Kryptono traders who buy 5,000 LYL will receive an extra 1,000 LYL

Lucky & Loyal (100,000 LYL)

  • 20 lucky Kryptono traders who will buy and hold at least 1,000,000 LYL in the exchange will receive 100,000 LYL each


The top 50 Kryptono LYL traders that garnered the highest LYL trading volume in all LYL trading pairs will receive a loyalty rewards as follows:
  •     1st place – 900,000 LYL
  •     2nd place – 600,000 LYL
  •     3rd place – 200,000 LYL
  •     4th to 10th place – 100,000 LYL each
  •     11th to 30th place – 60,000 LYL each
  •     31st to 50th place – 20,000 LYL each
Crypto Throne

At the end of this challenge, if you are the top buyers with the highest balance from rank 11 up to rank 2 you'll get a 100,000 LYL each. And the top trader with the highest LoyalCoin balance in Kryptono exchange wallet will get 1,000,000 LYL.
Now! the LoyalCoin can be traded on four well-known exchanges such as NEMchange, Cryptopia, South Korean exchange Coinis and Kryptono.   

LoyalCoin is the customer loyalty rewards in a form of digital asset that is replacing and enhancing the traditional rewards point systems that currently used.  It was a rewards platform built on the NEM blockchain. Aiming to solve the issues on different loyalty cards and loyalty rewards points by merging different merchants into one by using the LoyalCoin ecosystem.

So guys! don't think twice because the duration of this contest is only good for 1 month, it's good to be early than late.

If you need to know more about LoyalCoin, please visit their website and follow their social media accounts on Facebook:, Twitter:, Telegram: and Instagram: