When you mention "crypto currency" to the average person in the Philippines, the majority of them will immediately think of "Bitcoin." And in their minds, this is simply another one of the many cons that have recently come into existence. However, if people conduct more study on the topic and learn how cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and Bitcoin Cash operate, I have no doubt that they will engage in their own trading and construct their own digital investments.

The uplifting news! These cryptocurrency exchanges operating in the Philippines have been granted licenses by our government. All of the crypto enthusiasts in the Philippines will be able to swap fiat currency into bitcoins and other alternative cryptocurrencies as soon as the exchanges are publically online without going through any "request to join" alternatives.

The Philippine Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Coins Pro

If you're familiar with the coins.ph app, then you probably seen this already at their apps. This is the Philippines' first digital currency exchange where buyers can connect with sellers and exchange crypto currency. Coins Pro was known before as CX in their beta version where users can easily fund their account through 7-Eleven, Gcash and banks.


This PH-based crypto exchange is not yet available to try or use but they are now accepting waitlist to those who wants to be informed once they go live. The company behind this exchange is SCI - SCI Ventures, Inc. that also operates the buybitcoin.ph, bitmarket.ph and bitbit.ph. Maybe and I hope this year CitaDax will start to accept users in their exchange.


This is not also open to have users or traders but they also accepting waitlist for their announcement and updates. PDAX lets you buy, sell, and manage cryptocurrencies, utility tokens, and other digital assets in one secure platform. According to them, you can easily cash in through major banks and payment centers - at more than 10,000 outlets - all over the Philippines.


According to Coinage founder and CEO Anthony Giovanni Chua, this is the first order book bitcoin exchange in the Philippines. He is one of the country’s first cryptocurrency programmers. You can try COINAGE now by signing up to their site. This is also the first enterprise-grade order book platform exchange for BTC-PHP.

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