The first decentralized subscription revenue business on the world of the cryptocurrency that can give you stable and long-term cash flow and increasing essential value of its crypto coin. 'SRCOIN' is the Subscription Revenue Coin that has blockchain health information system.

For those who haven't any clue about the subscription business, let me explain it to you. The subscription revenue based business is a type of business model where you can purchase or subscribe to a vendor’s services for a specific period of time for a estimated price rate.


The K Rental is a company behind the SRCOIN. The Korean-Malaysian corporation that are best known for their water purifiers product and recorded a sales of US $10 million dollars in 2017. They're also the third largest company that have share in the subscription business market in Malaysia after Coway and Cuckoo.


According to SRCOIN's Whitepaper, "There are several advantage of using message chairs as a platform for our subscription business." Here are the advantages,

1.) Message chair is a shared device. With just one message chair, it can collect personal health data of all household members. K Rental is planning to collaborate with COMTEK to develop Wifi and Bluetooth incorporated massage chair that can measure health information such as heart rate, body temperature, and blood pressure. With this information, they will create a BlockChain based time series database for all members of the household.

2.) These health information can be collected easily and repeatedly each time the member uses the message chair, and this will yield in a robust time series database over time. Time series database will display various trends in each type of data collected. Therefore, it can be a very important source
of information for early stage diagnosis, preventive care, and other medical treatments.

3.) Message chair already has a structure to collect useful health information.

  • a. Arm massager will be able to vary in pressure to collect blood pressure level
  • b. Various chair positioning allows to measure more accurate health information. For example, to measure Ankle Brachial Index, one needs to lie down flat on the back and message chair can be positioned this way
  • c. Wifi and Bluetooth accessibility
  • d. Electrical base of message chair allows IoT
  • e. Can easily add devices to measure heart rate, blood oxygen level, sleep analysis, and various other types of health data


SRCOIN is not only be used for subscription business but the coins will become a great marketable product that holds high scarcity value on the cryptocurrency exchange.

1.) The 30% of the profit earned within the 6-year period(from the completion of the ICO to year 6) will be used in our buyback & burn program,which will effectively decrease the outstanding supply of SRCOINs, and will in turn raise the market price of SRCOINs and the value of SRCOINs held byour ICO contributors.

2.) The 20% of profits earned within the 3-year period (from the completion of the ICO to year 3) will be returned to our ICO contributors in the currency of Ethereum. Thus, our ICO contributors will be able to receive a significant amount of their initial investment back via this smart contract structure without needing to sell any SRCOINs

3.) The remaining 50% of profits will be reinvested in the products that fuel our subscription business

4.) The raised funds from SRCOIN's ICO and profit generated by the subscription business will be calculated by an independent third-party accounting firm to ensure credibility and transparency


And again, if you want to know more about SRCOIN, you may visit their official website and read their whitepaper for more understanding with their good system and platform for the future.