This is the first time for me to create a review for an online money making website. Actually, my first impression to this website is a total 'SCAM'. But let me take this moment to explain and give my self-review on the - Bitcoin Cloud Mining website.

The Honest Review - Make Money Online

For those who didn't know how to mine Bitcoin and what is Bitcoin, let me give you a little bit information about it. Bitcoin is the mother of all cryptocurrency or in layman's term, "Virtual Money". There are so many cryptocurrency today! but only Bitcoin is the most popular from them all. Because as of writing this article, Bitcoin price today is 6,078 USD for each coins.

You can get Bitcoin for only two options. First is to buy or trade it from cryptocurrency exchange website like Kraken, Poloniex, Bittrex and many more. Then second is to mining it using your computer or specially made equipment like Antminer and many more.

Now back to our topic, the aurora mine is a website specially made to all who wants to earn Bitcoin with interest. Your money will increase while mining Bitcoin on their platform.

If you will come to their website, you'll notice their tagline saying "Cloud mining in a better way. Professional Cloud Mining on a high level. 100GHz free for registering up to 16.7% of your investment daily. Return on investment within 10 days. Daily payments without any fees".

It's too good to be true right but if you'll think more about it, how on earth they will do that? There are so many Bitcoin mining company out there and they didn't promise any fixed return of your investment. Is this sound 'SCAM'? Maybe YES, and maybe NO.

But I'm sorry to tell you this, I am now a registered member of Aurora Mine. Because I am a risk taker and I want to experience by myself what's going on to their systems on how to earn Bitcoin from their platform and also many from my friends are giving me a positive feedback.

I just started on October 19, Friday evening and I also got my first payout yesterday evening. Yes! they do what their promise, "Daily payments without any fees". It's now on my account.

Today is my Day 2 from that website and waiting for my second payout. My payout is not much, it was just 2USD. My plan is when I got all my investment, I will deposit again until it become big. Yes, I am a risk taker but I'm also thinking. I will not risk all of my money in one basket.

I will update you guys here, as you can see on my payout screenshot below, that's my first payout and I will update this until I got my whole investment of only 18USD. Sorry if this money was so small for you but I'm only just starting with it and still under testing mode.

If you like to try what I did, just click here and register to that website. By the way, you don't have to do anything after you register to Aurora Mine. You will have automatically a free 100GH/s hashrate power which is needed for mining a Bitcoin and I'm sorry to tell you that you will earn a 3USD per month and you cannot withdraw it.

Why? because you need to enable your withdrawal button buy depositing a Bitcoin worth of 7USD for 500GH/s hashrate power as of today, because of the price of the Bitcoin which is always fluctuating and then ready your coins wallet or any wallet you've like to use for your payout on the same day.

Again! this make money online strategy and investment are for those who are risk taker and have a courage and determination to try this Aurora Mine. I am not encouraging you to join here. You need to decide for yourself so that if your money lost, you'll not pointing your fingers at me.

But here is my first payout again! Thank you for reading my review, I hope you got an idea how and what will you do if someone invited you to join to Aurora Mine.

My Screenshot from 

And this is my 1st payout from (October 21, 2017)

My Screenshot from

My Screenshot from

My Screenshot from and Email.

Here is the link of blockchain of my first Bitcoin payout from Aurora Mine.

UPDATED! - 10-22-17

And this is my 2nd payout from (October 22, 2017)

My Screenshot from and Email.

Here is the link of blockchain of my second Bitcoin payout from Aurora Mine.

UPDATED! - 10-23-17

And this is my 3rd payout from (October 23, 2017)

My Screenshot from and Email.


 "Please disregards the amount of my coins wallet because someone sent my allowance money on the same wallet I've used for Aurora Mine."

Here is the link of blockchain of my third Bitcoin payout from Aurora Mine.

If you notice my balance, still small and not increasing just because I withdraw my earning everyday. It will go back to zero whenever I payout. And by the way, my Ref-HashPower was came from to my "Referrals" who made deposit from their accounts.

UPDATED! - 10-24-17
I didn't get my 4th payout from (October 24, 2017). The website is down and there are so many members are now sad because they think that their investment are now gone from the said website.

UPDATED! - 10-25-17 still down and still no official announcement from this big issue of "SCAMMING" (October 25, 2017)

UPDATED! - 10-30-17 still down and still no official announcement from this big issue of "SCAMMING" (October 30, 2017)

I will update this post from time to time until I got my whole investment from Aurora Mine. Thank you for reading and taking time to this post.