Today, the resorts and paradise islands are no more surprising for tourists. That’s why extreme travel destinations gain more popularity among travelers, and enamored couples are not exceptions. They aspire to find more adventurous spots on a map to make their romantic getaway more exciting and memorable. Our list of extreme holiday destinations will inspire you to explore new horizons and emotions.

Extreme Destinations For Couples

If you do not know until now who you are going to travel with, you can make new acquaintances here 

Death Valley, California/Nevada, USA

Wish to make your honeymoon or just a trip hotter? There is nothing better than traveling to Death Valley – one of the hottest places on Earth. A part of the great Mojave Desert is open for visitors from October to March due to extremely hot temperatures. Despite being literally badlands with a horrifying name, Death Valley mesmerizes tourists by its primordial beauty. The National Park has over 5300 square miles of mountains, sand dunes, rocky areas, canyons and even bloomy fields. It is an endless source of unforgettable extreme experience. By the way, here you can observe the most incredible starry sky in your life.

Cappadocia, Turkey

One of the strangest mountains are located in the central Turkey. Thousands of years ago the local inhabitants lived in caves and odd stone houses. They have been preserved to this day. Hotels and residents in caves are available for visitors. The most impressive and popular activity in Cappadocia is floating on a hot air balloon on the sunset. In addition, local citizens provide a variety of extreme leisures: from hiking to mountain bike riding.

Pembrokeshire Coast, Wales, UK

The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park is situated in west Wales. It has 186 miles of extreme rocky coastline that admires thousands adventurous tourists each year. Besides rock climbing, Pembrokeshire offers dozens of activities: exploring caves, horse riding, biking, swimming and diving, surfing (and doing other watersports), wildlife-watching, and cliff jumping. The cold and admirable nature of western Wales will leave you speechless. Because of the low temperatures, this extreme travel destination will make you keep closer to your significant one.

Amazon Rainforest, South America

The mightiest river on Earth goes through the territory of 9 countries. It doesn’t matter where you will start your adventure of a lifetime. Whether you depart from Brazil or Bolivia, the vastest spectra of emotions and experience is guaranteed. A few days in Amazonia will make you both stronger, more endure, and open-minded. Besides exploring the richest and dangerous flora and fauna, you will have a priceless chance to spend time with local natives in villages along the coast. Take to account that an average trip to rainforests lasts 9-10 days. You have to be prepared to anything as this is one of the most extreme tourism destinations.

Yellowstone National Park, USA

The first and one of the richest nature reserve in the world provides an incredible range of activities for adventurous couples. The level of extreme depends only on your preferences, readiness, and physical abilities. Decide for yourself, Yellowstone has almost 2,220,000 acres of gorgeous forests and bloomy meadows with lakes, mountains, canyons, waterfalls, hot springs and geysers. Moreover, a unique fauna opens different opportunities for wildlife-watching (which can be very dangerous sometimes, but this is a key part of extreme vacation). Rent a trailer house, book a room, or go wild and live in a tent under the stars. Spend a day hiking, kayaking or explore Old Faithful Area watching geyser explosions. Yellowstone is great in every season. Your trip will be the most romantic and thrilling in your life.