Today, the not-so-famous before cryptocurrency - Bitcoin has become popular on social media, specifically speaking here in the Philippines, that is, after hitting the all-time high price of $2,700 USD/Bitcoin yesterday. And for the past 8 years of existence, Bitcoin has making it's loudest noise this year 2017.

Easy way to buy Bitcoin in the Philippines - Coinbase,,

So since every one has been talking about the above mentioned crypto, I would like to give you a short idea on how to invest with it the easiest way.

Well, first you need to have a wallet, to be specific 'Bitcoin Wallet.' There are so many kind of bitcoin wallet out there, the online wallet, desktop wallet, mobile wallet and hardware wallet.

To make it more understandable, let me elaborate it. This digital cash/coin technology need to have a storage or a wallet where you can keep or store it. The digital wallet will also be your means to save and spend the crypto coins online.

Below are some of the common wallets that are currently being used by cryptorians here in the Philippines. Wallet

This wallet has an online and mobile app type bitcoin wallet. You may also buy bitcoin on their platform using credit card. However, the buy & sell features of Coinbase is not yet available in the Philippines. Still you may use it as a wallet not only for Bitcoin but also for Ethereum and Litecoin. Wallet

And if you guys base on popularity in choosing a wallet, then is the one for you. Through you have an options whether you want to stay your money in peso or convert your money into bitcoin that is after verifying you identity. can also be used to pay bills and remittances, plus they have so many promo being offered to earn extra money that will be automatically credited on your account.

For now, the two mentioned bitcoin wallets are my only recommendation because as per experience they're very reliable and secured for a newbie cryptorian. - is actually not a wallet, this website is best for buying cheaper bitcoin in the Philippines. So if you wanna buy bitcoins, you must create an account first and be verified. All you need to do is register and verify your identification via You can directly buy bitcoin and send to your bitcoin wallet through your bitcoin address.

However, I still suggest that you should do your own research as well, since this is not just something you gonna enter into, there will be money involved. For Bitcoin is a high risk-high return type of investment, inflation is hight too, so before deciding too open yourself into it make sure you are knowledgeable enough.

How to buy Bitcoin?

First steps, create or sign up an account to any of the two: and

Second, follow their instructions, you need to supply the information that the form needed. You also need to ready the following items:

a. email address
b. mobile number
c. valid ID with picture
d. and proof of residence/address (optional)

Third, after you verified your email address and mobile number, it's also important that you verify your identity using your valid ID, because if not you will be getting a problem with some and major features of their platforms. You may not be able to buy bitcoin or you'll have limits on depositing or withdrawing your money and more.

You'll see what I'm saying here when you do an actual registration of your account to any of the two wallets.

Lastly, if you're account is now fully verified specially to, you may now buy and sell bitcoin in the Philippines. You can load your fiat currency to your account using any payment method they're offered to their clients.

Just visit the 7 Eleven store, Cebuanna, Palawan Pawnshop, Malls, Banks or ATMs. And always read the instructions carefully to avoid mistakes.

If you feel that this is not an easy way to buy bitcoin in the Philippines. Don't worry I'll do a separate article on how to buy and sell bitcoin with each of the following wallet I mentioned above.

And if you have any bitcoin wallet suggestions or recommendations, just use the comment box below and I'll research about it and maybe it will be featured here in

There will be more crypto news to come, just keep visiting this website and I'm happy to share my knowledge about Bitcoin and Altcoins.

PS: This is not a paid post by, or This is just a tip on how you can easily buy BTC in the Philippines.

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