What makes the world go ‘round? Money. It is what gets you up in the morning; to work, to earn, to save, to go on vacation and to be a responsible adult. If everything else in life is free, then maybe you wouldn’t have a problem waking up for a sumptuous feast, sadly, that’s not how the world works.

12 Emergency Cash Sources to Save Your Money Problems

Now, money problems can just happen to anyone-running short on cash and other unexpected expenses. And having to owe to your neighbors, friends and relatives can sometimes be embarrassing. But you don’t have to get through such ordeal, because there are other alternatives to get the emergency cash and relieve your financial worries! Plus, you can even do so discreetly, and here are just twelve emergency cash sources to answer your money problems below:

1. Odd Jobs.
A somewhat easy way to get that extra cash is to get a side gig. This is the job you take on a part-time. Apart from your full-time jobs, odd jobs can come in simple services such as ushering an event, babysitting, taking care of an elderly, and other easy-money sideline jobs you can think of.

Aside from that, you can also generate income with the skills you already have. If you are a talented baker, a fun host, a good writer then you can take up some extra hours at home or elsewhere to your skills to good use.

2. Sell belongings.
Sit down and stare at nowhere? No. Look around, you’ve got stuff around your home that you can just sell for extra cash. And there are really good avenues to sell some valuable belongings. You can either go online or post it on social media sites or you can host a good old-fashioned garage sale. Now, you can raise money by staying just at your home and as a bonus, you even declutter your space too!

3. Credit card cash advances.
For credit card users, the little rectangular plastic can finally live up to its emergency cash purpose than just plain old extra cash for shopping. How? You can take advantage of the cash advance feature especially if your cards have not maxed out yet. But be warned since cash advance services come with hefty interest rates. So, if you miss a payment, you face the consequences. Otherwise, if you are so sure you can repay the loan before due date, then the credit card advance is a saving grace for emergency cash.

4. Bank loans.
You may be able to get an emergency loan from your bank, but this is going to be a long and grueling process- not really your quick and easy source for cash loans. In any case, interest rates for bank loans are historically low. With the right documents and a good credit history (so, build your credit history and pay your dues on time), then you might get that loan you need in time.

5. Car Title Loans.
If you have a car right now, you’re in luck! While it’s not as popular as other regular loans, you can get the fast cash you need using vehicle title loans. There are lending firms that offer the cash loans you need without taking your car,

To qualify, you need to fulfill all the requirements as imposed, and you have to wait patiently, the funds would be available within 24 hours.

6. Life Insurance Policies.
Remember the insurance policy you paid from years ago, call your financial advisor or the life insurance company. You may have built up equity that you can just withdraw. Ask whether you can cash out your policy altogether as well. Who knows, your life insurance can save you financially!

8. Home Equity Loans.
This maybe a risk, but if you need a relatively large amount of money, you can use your own shelter as a collateral. Home equity loans offer attractive interest rates since lenders consider a home as a very secure collateral. All you need to worry is to repay back the loan or end up losing your home.

9. Charitable Organizations.
Charitable and religious organizations often give aid regardless of your affiliation. Some local municipalities may also offer assistance as well. However, obtaining such financial assistance somehow requires significant effort with substantial documentation and considerable time. Although, a good reputation with the institution can be a leverage to get the cash you need.

10. Personal Installment Loans.
There’s also another source to get the emergency cash if you feel you don’t have the collateral you need. They are called personal installment loans. These loans offer quick cash even without having the need for a collateral. A personal installment loan is really designed for needy borrowers where they can select an amount of their choice, from 10,000 up to a million pesos, with easy payment terms.

11. Online Pawn Shop Loans.
Pawn shops are the usual options to get the quick credit you need, but pawn shops mainly accept only jewelry. To top it off, most brick-and-mortar pawn shops give high rates of interests, late payment fees and other undesirable hidden costs. With technology and app-based services available, an online pawn shop such as PawnHero just solves your money problems in an instant.

The online pawnshop, being online, gives a safe and convenient pawning experience, sparing embarrassment of having to go to a pawnshop and saying goodbye to the hassle, saving time! Plus, you can pawn a wider range of items from gadgets, electronics to luxury goods and get the quick and easy cash loans you need.

12. Payday Loans.
Payday loans should be your last resort because they have such high fees and interest rates. Those with decent jobs can avail a payday loan. This type of loan is secured against future paychecks. Lenders verify your employment and identification and can process a payday loan pretty quickly. Once the process is complete, borrowers have access to their cash right away.

However, after a few days or a couple of weeks, you are faced with the prospect of repaying the loan alongside steep interest charges. Now, if you cannot pay in full, you get stuck in a trap of renewals, partial payments that make little or no dent in what you actually owe.

A word of advice

It’s important to consider the source of your short-term cash needs during an emergency situation. While you have a variety of options that can help you, you still have to proceed with caution. Borrow the very least that you can and pledge to pay the loan back in full as soon as possible. Once you repay the loan, begin to raise an emergency fund so that you never find yourself in such dire financial condition again.
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