Mark Zuckerberg is really serious with his campaign to make the world connects to each other using internet. This aircraft project is a part of that will give to the people free access of internet.

Facebook founder to launch aircraft that beam internet access

The purpose of this aircraft is to beam internet access down to the people for free specially to the place that has poor signal or remote area.

According to Zuckerberg, the aircraft have a final design where the wingspan greater than a Boeing 737 but will weigh less than a car. He added that the power source is come from solar because it has a solar panel installed on its wings.

He said, "Aircraft like these will help connect the whole world because they can affordably serve the 10% of the world's population that live in remote communities without existing internet infrastructure."

Well! if Mark was so excited with this project, so am I, because this is good for all people specially to those who didn't know yet how to use the internet.

Mark share the success of this first test flight of the aircraft in the UK and soon to the world.

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