Have you ever thought that just by steadily putting your smartphone or mobile phones down at the side of your table or any area near you will help a child to have a clean water to drink for a day?

UNICEF Tap Project - 10 Minutes = 1 Day of Water
Image Credit : uniceftapproject.org

Yes it's true. UNICEF have made a remarkable project to support the needs of 768 million people all over the world to have a clean water to drink for the whole day.

The campaign is called the "TAP PROJECT." According to UNICEF, for every ten (10) minutes of not using your smartphones, sponsors of this project provides one day of clean water for one child.

The process of helping thru this campaign is simple, get your smartphone and just follow the 3 steps provided below;

Step 1: Go to this site - uniceftapproject.org
Step 2: Click the "BEGIN" tab
Step 3: Put your Phone down and see how long can you stand on not using your phone.

That's it folks. Please do help UNICEF on their campaign by sharing this news to everyone.

Simply share this to your Facebook wall, Twitter feed and any other social networking site you're in.

Thank You.