As Facebook, the world's largest social networking site and most visited site worldwide, made their 10th year anniversary this February 4, 2014. As a celebration they made a very big surprise for all the members who supported them all through out this years.

Facebook Look Back on their 10th year Anniversary
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Facebook with all of their staff decided to send each of their users a 'ready to watch' video since they've started using Facebook. The collaborative video was called 'Facebook Look Back.'

Base on my experience, the video was compose of the most talked about posts, shares and status of the user since he/she began using Facebook site.

According to a tech-blog site Gizmodo, Facebook Engineers made a small team to spent days and months to craft videos just to ensure that the resources to render hundreds of millions of HD videos were on hand.

If you haven't experience the said video yet you may visit or directly go to this link ( - which was provided by Facebook.

For the meantime, while waiting for the update, please bookmark it now or visit this site more often for you to be updated. You may also share this post to your friends so they may know about Facebook Look Back.