Do you want additional 10GB free storage in your Google Drive account? Well! I think this page is the answer for your question. Since Google Drive released last April 24, 2012, by Google, they only gives a default 5GB storage for each account.

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So, how to get additional 10Gb storage for FREE? Here's how!

First you need to download the latest Android and iOS app of Google, called 'Quickoffice' app.
After the download, install the said app into your device.
Then Open the Quickoffice and login your Google Account and you'll get the additional 10GB storage.

According to Google, the "extra 10GB of Google Drive storage will be added to your account for two years (look for it in the next few weeks)."

The question is, is this good for two years only? well, it doesn't hurt your account, right?

The 10GB of extra storage in your Google Drive account is valid only before September 26, 2013.

Let's see if Google will extend this offer after the said date.

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