The iPhone trade-in program will surely hit to all iPhone's fanatic if Apple Inc. implement this. You must trade in your older model iPhones and upgrade to an iPhone 5, as reported by The Examiner site, Thursday, June 6, 2013.

Apple to launch iPhone trade-in to lure consumers to iPhone 5 
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Sources told Business Week that, "Apple has teamed up with Brightstar Corp. for the iPhone trade-in."

It also a good timing for Apple if they pursue the plan because there is a consumer demand for some older iPhone models outside the U.S.

Recon Analytics LLC in Dedham, Roger Entner said, “This will help them sell more phones, because it will lower the consumer’s out-of-pocket expense,” as quoted saying in Bloomberg site.

It’s not clear when the iPhone trade-in program will start. No official details about it but maybe in the next few days Apple will announced about it.

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