Many educational activities can be covered through technology education, it can be cad drawing, creating audio files, image manipulation etc. Technology education is becoming more digitalized and advanced with time. Here are some of the best technology education apps.

 Best iOS Technology Education Apps
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1. Fotobabble:
This iOS app lets you create and share talking photos quickly and easily. You can share your talking photos instantly in three steps; click a photo, speak into your microphone to record your voice and share it with your friends and family through email, Facebook or twitter. With this app you can capture photos and audios from concert, parties, events etc. send real time talking post cards to family and friends, create greeting cards, share your stories on social networking sites etc.

2. QR code generator:
QR or quick response code is a two dimensional code. With this app you can create QR codes for your website URL, encode phone numbers, messages in the QR codes. It requires no internet connection as with other apps, you can create codes on your phone without having to submit your personal information on a third party website. You can save the QR code in your photo album for using it or sharing it later.

3. AutoCAD WS:
 This app enables you to view, edit and share your Auto Cad drawings anywhere using your mobile phone. You can annotate and revise your drawings in classrooms, meetings etc. You can work on the drawings without an internet connection to you. You can open 2D and 3D drawings uploaded to your free Auto CAD WS online account, work on them offline and upload the changes when you go online. Use snap to draw and edit shapes with accuracy, rotate and scale objects, add text annotations on your drawings and do a lot more. You can share your designs with others from the app, print them from your phone using ePrint and share service of HP.

4. Note Anytime:
This is more than a simple note taking app. It is a powerful drawing app, annotation tool, browser, virtual whiteboard etc. This app is a universal note taker and sketching software for iOS users. With this app you can sketch anywhere and at any time, you can combine your hand written notes with photos, graphics, sketches, drawings etc. you can sketch anything on the virtual whiteboard or a note and share it with your friends. Users get a variety of pen styles, colors that can be customized to their preference for color, thickness and transparency. With the calligraphy pens, perfect curve corrections and letter styling can be done. Students can use this note taking in school with or without internet connections.

5. Sound Uncovered app:
 It is an interactive book consisting of auditory illusions, acoustic phenomena. With this app you can see with your ears, hear with your ears, test your hearing, modify recordings etc.

6. Earth Viewer:
It is an interactive educational iPad app. This helps students visually explore 4.5 billion years of geological evolution along with the important biological events that occurred in the history of earth. It includes a teacher's guide with suggested app usage in the classroom. The data provided by this app is based on scientific research.

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