Another breakthrough in Technology is said to be in the mind's of the Apple makers. A rumor saying that Apple Inc. is making another great devices for all Apple fanatics. New photos scattered in the net shows that a device with a machine aluminum back casing is said to be made for a rumored 7.85-inch iPad and it have hit the web on Wednesday, base in a report by AppleInsider.

Image From: digi.163

The report also claims that the so-called 'iPad mini' will have a a rear facing camera.

Appleinsider said that if you look closer to the images/photo's of the said iPad mini, you'll see a very "slight discrepancies" in the tablets design.

It says, "Perhaps most obvious is the placement of the headphone jack, which was thought to be located at the bottom of the device alongside the device's dock connector and repositioned speakers. Pictures of a large flex cable allegedly meant for the smaller iPad surfaced last month, clearly showing the 3.5mm jack situated adjacent to the new 9-pin connector."

Listed below are what we may expect in the of the rumored iPad mini's design;

Cut-outs in volume and power button
Rear-facing camera
Speaker assembly
Smaller dock connector
Thinner as iPod Touch
Thinner bezels

Appleinsider said that this so called 'iPad mini' is to launch this coming October. Let's see how Apple will make their own statement according to this rumor.

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