The first thing that you need to know when writing a reaction paper is your targeted topic. From the certain topic you will create questions, highlights, keywords and your point of view. To find more about the Reaction Paper, please scroll down this page.

You must start your Reaction Paper also known as "Response Paper" with the use phrases like, "I believe" and "I felt that" when writing a response from the given topic.

A reaction paper is a type of written document where you should put your own personal point of view on the assigned topic. Your own impression and understanding on the topic is the main reason why you are writing your own reaction paper. Most of it is coming from the highlights of topic you choose to review.

Steps on writing reaction paper.

Start from observing or reading the given topic for your initial understanding, then review and read it again, stop for some times to reflect on what you are reading. Write down your thoughts and impressions, write an outline or layout and construct your essay.

In first paragraph don't forget to write the title of your essay to which you are responding, and of course the name of the author. Then, you can start writing your own opinion.

You should not to forget to use some statement when writing a reaction paper.

Here are some statements that you can use.
In my opinion about he/she say...

I felt that he/she...

I did not like..

The [President] was [was not] successful in making me feel

I was especially moved by

I didn't get the connection between

It was clear that the [President] was trying to

My favorite part was...because

I hope that the above mentioned steps can help you to start your reaction paper, and don't be afraid to write down your own opinion.

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