Microsoft announced on Wednesday that the newest version of their operating system is set to release on October 26 this year. The next-generation operating system of Microsoft will shift the world of personal computers to smartphone and tablet devices.

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Microsoft communications manager Brandon LeBlanc said, "Windows 8 will be available in 109 languages across 231 markets worldwide."

Steve Ballmer said, "[it] is simply the biggest deal for this company in at least 17 years."

He added, "It's the glue; it's the foundation of everything Microsoft is built on."

Microsoft Windows 8 is normally for personal computers but this time it will also be used on many smartphones and tablet computers, Microsoft Surface tablet will be launched this year.

Meanwhile, Microsoft admitted that they trying to expand its business in the booming market for smartphones and tablets, in which currently dominated by Apple and Google.

This Is What Windows 8 Looks and Feels Like
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