Youtube announced their newest tool when uploading video, the face-blurring technology of the video website will help users to automatically blur the faces of a person in the uploaded sensitive videos. The new tool is rolling out to the site today.

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YouTube said in a blog post, "Whether you want to share sensitive protest footage without exposing the faces of the activists involved, or share the winning point in your 8-year-old's basketball game without broadcasting the children's faces to the world, our face blurring technology is a first step towards providing visual anonymity for video on YouTube."

It was made because of the uploaded videos from the rebellion in Syria that seek to publicize their struggle and other related videos.

The new tool also allows for the original copy of the uploaded video to be deleted. The new option is available in the Video Enhancements menu after uploading and it is activated in one click.

Youtube said, "YouTube is proud to be a destination where people worldwide come to share their stories, including activists."

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