Finally! Microsoft Corp announced their own made tablet computers called "Surface" at the Milk Studios in Hollywood during its Los Angeles press event last June 18, 2012. Surface Windows 8 tablet will be available this coming Christmas shopping season, according to Microsoft.

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Are you looking for the specification of Microsoft Surface Windows 8 tablet? Well, as of now the company is not giving any details the same with the pricing. But they gave a hint that it is comparable to Apple's new iPad, heavier but slightly thinner, with 10.6 inch screen and comes in 32GB and 64GB memory capacity.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said, " 'didn't want to leave anything uncovered' as it rolled out Windows 8."

Windows 8 is the new software of Microsoft in which they decided to general release it together with the lighter, thinner version of the Surface tablet with a chips designed by ARM Holdings.

Microsoft aims to triple the sales of tablets in the next two years, topping the 180 million in year 2013.

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