Be alert and vigilant from entering your personal information to any website, specially even in Facebook. Because the new phishing scam on Facebook main objective is to steal and change your login information and other important information like the security answer of your credit card.

Computer security firm Kaspersky Labs said in a blog post, “This Facebook phishing attack is pretty interesting because it does not just try to trick the victim into visiting a phishing website. It will reuse the stolen information and login to the compromised account and change both profile picture and name. The profile picture will be changed to the Facebook logo and the name will be translated to ‘Facebook Security’ but containing special ascii characters replacing letters such as ‘a’ ‘k’ ‘S’ and ‘t.’”

David Jacoby said in a blog post, "Once an account is compromised it will also send out a message to all contacts of the compromised account."

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The warning message written as follow,
"Last Warning: Your Facebook account will be turned off Because someone has reported you. Please do re-confirm your account security by: =>
Thank you. The Facebook Team"

And when you click the link in that message, you will be redirect to the scam website that looks the same to the Facebook.

Then the phishing scam website will start to ask you to fillup the form of your personal information such as: Name, Email, Password, Webmail system, and Password to email.

Kaspersky said, “When submitting this form the details will be sent to the attacker, and they can automatically login to your Facebook account and compromise it.”

But wait, there's more! once the person submit his/her information, it will immediately redirect to another page asking again for the credit card information.

So be careful from giving important information over the net and avoid this kind of scam, they do not stop until they caught in the act.

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