To all Facebook chatters out there, I have a good news for all of you. Recently! Facebook revealed their instant messenger application version for desktop computer with a running Windows 7 operating system.

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According to Mashable, “Users get notifications when friends want to chat. Friend activity is also shown; however, clicking on these items will take you to a web browser. The same goes for messages in your Facebook inbox.”

But it was said that the application is only a chat client and expect many of Facebook’s features will be  disabled upon using it.

Another disappointing fact about this app is that it does not support video or voice calling.

Mashable said, “For example, you can accept pending friend requests but if you want to search for new friends or check profiles you’ll need to go to Facebook says the chat bar is a trial application so expect updates and changes (it is Facebook, after all).”

Mashable also pointed out that Facebook Messenger for Windows 7 was allegedly leaked as a private, unauthorized download.

Mashable added, “Facebook Messenger has been available as a mobile app for some time but this is the first (official) release for a Windows desktop.”

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